timber shot size

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Arkansas duck hunter, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Arkansas duck hunter

    Arkansas duck hunter Member<br>2017 Spring Turkey Contest Team Winner

    Whats your favorite shot size for huntin the timber?
  2. WackinNstackin

    WackinNstackin Well-Known Member

    Depending on what gun I got in hand, 2,s, 3s, and 4s.

  3. jwill07w

    jwill07w Well-Known Member

    4s don't know why but I've found I kill more ducks with 4s than any other.

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    BB's in private timber and 2s in public
  5. wildgameassassin

    wildgameassassin Well-Known Member

    I'm very fond of 7.5's when they're in ya Face and 6's when they wont come in below the trees :whistle:
  6. Skillet

    Skillet Well-Known Member

    I prefer and only shoot 3 1/2" 2's 1550 fps or faster, regardless where I'm hunting ducks. Deadly when ducks are 5-25 yards.
  7. I've tried all different sizes of shot in mainly 3" and 3 1/2" over the past 15 years or so and I feel like #2's in the 3 1/2 shell works the best for me.
  8. SA44

    SA44 Well-Known Member

    THAT'S RITE:up:
  9. X2 with a IC choke..:up:
  10. Hud_AthensArcher

    Hud_AthensArcher Member<br>2012-13 Bowhunting Contest Winner

    3 in #2's just about everywhere I hunt and with a full choke. It never comes out of my gun.
  11. doublelung09

    doublelung09 Member<br>2012 Turkey Hunting Contest Winner<br>20

    #4's hammer them heads
  12. LA.Call'emClose

    LA.Call'emClose Well-Known Member

    6's of the squirrel shot variety...high brass please:whistle:
  13. snydedawg

    snydedawg Well-Known Member

    3" #3 Hevi-Metal!!!!

    It's like hitting them with a Stinger!!!!
  14. zpenter

    zpenter Well-Known Member

    2s mostly but going to try some 4s this year with a T2 rob roberts choke:up:
  15. backstraps

    backstraps Well-Known Member

    3" 4s with IC choke.
  16. green_head_getter

    green_head_getter Super Member<br>2010 Bowhunting Contest Winner

    3" 2's with a #25 choke (light full) timber, fields, whichever? If you need more choke or bigger shot then your not doing your job as a hunter/marksman
  17. Magnum Force

    Magnum Force Well-Known Member

    Yep, with IC choke! :biggrin:

    Magnum Force :up: