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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by gutpile, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. gutpile

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    Anyone watch Tim Wells, Relentless Pursuit??

    i really enjoy this guy and his hunting buddies. wondering if yall thought about the show.
  2. I've pretty much completely stopped watching hunting shows. But if you say its good I will give it a try. What channel and when does it come on?

  3. gutpile

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    its good....he pretty much just bowhunts on his families properties, his hunting buddies are his brother (super redneck), an ex football pro, cousins and his 7-8 year old son which is awesome with a bow. ive seen him hunt buffalo and wild hogs with a spear like the indians which was pretty cool. they went rattle snake and rabbit hunting with blow guns, a lot of bow fishing. They also show the real life stuff like missing animals. its a good change from the other bullcrap hunting shows you normally see. :thumb:
  4. Nuge Fan

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    don't think I've ever seen it, but it sounds like a good one
  5. gutpile

    gutpile Well-Known Member

    I DVR all of em!!
  6. I used to watch him all the time until I switched from DirecTV to Dish and do not get that channel anymore. He is awesome. When he filled his daily limit squirrel hunting with his bow in one morning was very impressive.
  7. F B

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    I like his show alot. That guy is one helluva shot with a bow.

    Ive seen him shoot (and kill) running coyotes.

    He also hog hunts with a spear.
  8. Growler

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    What channel and day and time of day does it come on?
  9. gutpile

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    Is this the same show where they have (I believe on the opening credits) a bumblebee attached to a string and someone hits it with an arrow...?? Not for sure, but I have only seen it a couple of times... I love it!!:up:
  12. Bowcrazy

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    Very good show. I also have DVR set for it.
  13. Nuge Fan

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    just set up the DVR for it
  14. woodsnwater

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    That was one show I never missed. Use to be on Mens Channel on Dish. Cancelled that channel:mad:. Now, I don't get to watch it.
  15. gutpile

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    good show... i like the hog hunting episode with a spear
  17. Nuge Fan

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    finally got to see an episode off the DVR. It was "The making of a Hunter". Love his attitude, love the show, love that his son is an assassin. Instantly one of my favorite shows. I will say the way he narrates the show with his overdramatic tone is a bit annoying but otherwise, one of the best shows out there.