Thoughts on my next AR project

Discussion in 'Guns, Ammunition, and Reloading' started by Mbpike, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Mbpike

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    So my next build that I have in mind is:

    Delaware machinery lower
    Magpul PRS stock
    Ergo ambi grip
    RRA LPK with 2 stage trigger
    20" RRA varmint A4 with low profile gas block and chrome BCG
    Harris bipod

    Not really sure what kinda scope I'm going to go with any suggestions? I'm wanting to keep the scope price to 350 to 450. Other then that am I missing anything?
  2. truck24hr

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    In that price range I would go with Burris or Sightron.

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Looks like you got it all. A mount and glass will have you in business.
  4. belliott

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  5. Hudson

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    Don't know if you already have your lower of not but this is a good deal with a sharp looking symbol on the lower for an AR build thinking about starting another myself with it
  6. Mbpike

    Mbpike Well-Known Member

    Yeah a while back I bought a few lowers all at one time. I'm a really big fan of spikes lowers though. My next order from AIM will have a few on it