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Thompson Center Encore package

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I may regret it but I am going to sell my Encore package to fund another hobby. Both barrels are great shooters. Everything is Blued:

26" .308 barrel with T/C scope rail and T/C rings, like new with
Black synthetic rifle forearm and buttstock

15" .223 barrel with sights, very minor frame marks. Also like new with
Walnut grip and forearm
Uncle Mikes bandolier holster

$800.00 or best offer within reason.

Factory boxes included if that matters. I bought this new as a pistol first, I bought the new rifle barrel afterwards.

I am in Fayetteville.

Please email or pm me if interested. Thanks

I will include the RCBS two set dies for each caliber and any bullets that I have, if you reload. I have a half box or so for each caliber. These are like new also.
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Here is a picture

Scope not included. Thanks
Sorry about the Cell phone pics.
I have over $1000.00 invested in this setup and I havent even had it for a year. I will throw in an extra set of bases and rings for the pistol barrel. Welcome to shoot it at my range here at the house if you want. Somebody surely needs this.
I bet I havent shot a box of bullets out of the .308 and only a couple of boxes out of the .223. I thought I would use it more than I did, but found myself reaching for my .270 and Contender.
I would trade for a used Minelab Excalibur 2 water detector if anyone has one and wants a very nice Encore setup.
Okay, I will drop it to $750.00 for a day and then I am done. Thanks
Gun is no longer for sale, thanks for the opportunity!
Wished I'da had the money, ain't it always the case - deal comes up & shorta cash! Ah well, glad ya got settled on it anyway.
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