This the best Forum out there!!!!!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by 7 point, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. 7 point

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    :thumb:Fellas and ladies(Frog,Kendract,Sarah,Bett) this is absolutely the best message board out there. It's easy to navigate,doesn't have pop ups, easy to understand,has a wide array of topics to discuss and everyone gets a long pretty well most of the time unless we talk about Rage broadheads,dog running,or high fences.
    I'm a member of some other message boards that have to do with other interest I have and one that has to do with the industry I work in. They are somewhat hard to navigate,have pop ups and on two of them the hate and discontent I see in the comments on there make me not wanna go on there.

    So thanks to the creators and Admins of this site y'all are doing a great job keep it up.:up:

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    I'll hafta agree with that.:up:
  4. coonnutz

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    Yep we got some good folks keeping us in line too:clap:
  5. I believe the success of this forum is based on the fact that the moderators work hard to make sure threads don't get out of hand. Thanks for the best outdoor site on the web guys and keep up the good work!
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  7. F B

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    Thanks for the compliments.

    We try to please as many as we can but its impossible to keep everybody happy.
  8. Nuge Fan

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    this truly is my favortie website on the internet. I love talking hunting with my fellow arkansans. It's hard to get on the national hunting forums and talk about deer with guys from up north, midwest, etc. I learn a lot more from guys who hunt the same terrain and same class deer as I do. we have some very educated, skilled hunters who bring a lot to the table and for that I am thankful
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  10. dsmtuner1

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    We can nitpick this and nitpick that, but like the others said, when the rubber meets the road, this has got to be my favorite site on the internet. It's well put together and heavily monitered. Kudos gentlemen. :up:
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    I visit almost every day. I mostly come for the naked pictures of the weapons in the want ad section. LOL
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    +1 best site there is :thumb:
  13. huskyman

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    I vote BEST forum ever! Great site, and even Greater people! I was simply blown away with the way everyone helped with the family who needed the water heater a few weeks ago. Some may have their differences, but when a need arises, some mighty fine people jump to the task! World may be goin to pot, but GOD BLESS THE USA and the Down-Home Country people here in America!:flag::clap:
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    Glad you brought that up Husky. Sunday I wrecked my truck,it's probably totaled, well anyway Big E from the forum who's also on my Facebook sent me a message and offered to give me a ride if I needed it pretty much take me anywhere I wanted to go. Man I was blown away by his generosity. I have never met Big E before,but since he lives close to me he offered his services. You don't find folks like that everyday.