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  1. hunterman93

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    Hopefully the guys in prison take advantage of him.. Sick sick man.

  2. .375H&H

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    For the past SEVERAL years we have used amazon to order Christmas gifts. When we found out about them selling this book we told them they would never see another dollar from my family. Then they pulled the book because of all the people calling in. Still not doing business with them ever.
  3. mwmwbm

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    I had never heard of this before. but I dont spend money with Amazon. my wife might though. may have a talk with her.
  4. SARAH

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    I remember hearing something about this on the news here while back I have never bought anything off amazon and wont now. will have to do some investigating as to who published it as well so they wont be getting any of my business...cant beieve this was allowed to make it in print. There really has to be something not right in your head to even come up wiht that title made me throw up a lil in my mouth... hope they are sure to let everyone know what he is in there for:mad:
  5. demented

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    He needs to be introduced to Big Bubba and all his buddies.
  6. The book is disgusting, but....

    1. It did not have pictures so porn laws don't apply.
    2. It did tell you how to commit a crime, but so do "How To Get Away With Murder" and "The Anarchists Cookbook"
    3. It did vividly describe illegal acts, but so do many "True Crime" books.
    4. It is socially repugnant, but so is "The Turner Diaries".
    5. "How To Get Away With Murder", "The Anarchists Cookbook", the "True Crime" series, and "The Turner Diaries" are all available at many public libraries.

    Be careful when you start advocating arrest and prosecution of anyone based on the fact that what they say or print offends you. That's a dangerously slippery slope.
  7. hunterman93

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    No matter the rules or whatever. How would you feel if some sick sob read that book and picked up your kid? I'd kill him if it happened to me. I have no tolerance for people like that. Its just sick.
  8. SARAH

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    While I totally see what your saying as far as the slippery slope and banning certain books and what not. I think there has to be a point where the line is drawn and being PC goes out the window and for me that line is child molesting. The older I get the more I see why some other cultures hate us and think we are the devil, because we allow people like that guy to take up air instead of just a swift public hanging.
  9. OuachitaMtnMan

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    ^ Dang right. If some 1st amendment rights must be infringed upon to lock this scumbag up, infringe away. Maybe "Bubba" will write a book on how to sodomize a pedophile. Be a fitting fate for the piece of :censored:
  10. If some sicko picked up my kid I'd ventilate his skull even if he hadn't read the book.

    If they can prove he actually did anything he wrote then by all means, lock him up for life, (preferably in the polar bear exhibit at the zoo and let me watch) but if it's just sick fiction then what??

    I agree he may need a good butt kicking from any and every red blooded American man he ever crosses paths with, but criminal prosecution by the government should be reserved for actual crimes.

    Do you really want the government deciding if you should loose your freedom because of words???
  11. Once you open that door, you'll never close it again. The government never, ever retreats once it has been allowed to cross a constitutional line. It's not his rights I'm worried about.
  12. I'm with ya' on this one Rev........
  13. Down on the White

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    They have got him on this only thing He signed a hard copy and written words will hold up in a court of Law.

    If We Are A People Who Has Been Ordained By God Lord Jehovah.

    Then First step serve the God we have said We Would Serve.
    Second is the family
    Third is the Country.

    Fourth then this type of Vermon will not be in our SCHOOLS much less TEACH.
    My:twocents: DW