This is out of control! Ya'll give me a hand.

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Lt Gibson, Dec 18, 2012.

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    To the 3 BBDH's in a black Z71 who shot at me and my buddy on MY farm, I hope you find a body shop to fix the 9mm holes in your truck. I was aiming for the cab and don't see how one of you aren't dead....

    To start from the front, I took a good friend of mine hunting in Jerome, because he doesn't have many good places in Mississippi to hunt. We limited out on a few mallards and a lot of trash ducks, and decided to ride around a bit. We were on HWY 144, and a black truck behind me nearly 4 feet from my bumper. He then tries to pass me at our property line which is in a S curve. Well, I had to pull over by our road because there was a car coming and there would have a been a nasty accident and I wave my arm to let him know he is a moron and almost got us killed. We get out and start to walk over the small bridge to look at another field, when the truck starts backing up through the S curve back to us.

    Well, I told my buddy to get ready because they obviously want trouble. I walk out to the highway and the driver asked me what I wanted. I told him to stop driving like that or there could be an accident. He said he was trying to get to some ducks, and didn't give a sh.... Well, I started to walk off and he said there wasn't any ducks because they had hunted the field we were looking at. I turned around and said What? That is my land! The passenger told me to go to hell, and they started driving off down the highway. I got my back turned, and walked back to my truck which was 40 yards away...... BOOM!, they shot right over us with a shotgun! I dropped, then drew my glock which they had no idea I had on me obviously and returned fire into their truck 16 times. They scared the crap out of me and my buddy and I called the law but our place is where Ashley, Chicot and Drew come together, and no sheriffs department acted like they really cared.

    Unfortunately, no local hospital received a GSW victim that morning. Don't see how they didn't get hit, but someone was looking out for the morons. That being said, if you know of 3 white males, mid twenties to early 30's that drives a 4 door somewhat newer model black Z 71 with a headlight out and hunts around Jerome, Montrose, Dermott, Lake Village area, let them know that they need to contact me or the Sheriff's Dept or my old man. If they don't turn themselves in and I see them again, I am going to do some pretty bad things to them, and won't lose a wink of sleep.

  2. Holy Crap!Taking care of business,glad you guys are ok.

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    Wow. That's nuts.
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    People get stupid over some ducks!
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    1 more reason to add to my list of reasons why I don't need to take up duck hunting.
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    what is a bbdh and that is stupid we have run into relativly the same stuff on our farm people are ignorant glad yall werent hurt i think jerome is in ashley county
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    Who needs those fake bullet holes on your tail gate when you can have real ones? You aren't a BBDH until you have bullet holes in your truck. Lol
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    People are crazy these days. It is to the point where if I catch somebody trespassing, I won't even approach them, I'll just call the AGFC/local sheriff's office and let the handle it. You never know what will set somebody off anymore.
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    Glad ya'll were not hurt. Also glad you defended yourself, way to go.:flag:
    Great story.
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    what is bbdh I'm obviously to old for this duck hunting used to be so simple
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    It's bad when this crap spoils over into Jerome. My guess is u didn't get the tag number. Was their any distinguishing stickers or tool boxes loud pipes or was it just the one headlight out. I guess now tho the bullet holes will give it away.
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    And the crazy thing about it is, the normal sterotype of what you used to watch out for has changed. Used to be the trailier park trash type was the ones that people would think first that doing this crazy stuff, but not anymore. Seems nowdays the problems allways seem to be these young, spoiled, rich kid types. For the most part, allmost all the problems I have heard of in my area in the recent past, poaching, tresspassing, vandizing property & the likes, when it was found out who it was would make you scratch your head wondering "Why"! There is no logic to what they do & why!!!!
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    I don't believe anything I read in the Waterfowl forum. It is only good for entertainment value. Good story.
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    So you knew they shot over you with the shotgun, yet you fired 16 rounds into their vehicle?
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    Wow. I've done quite a bit of hunting in that area. Glad I never ran in to anyone like that! Was the truck from luckys? I can check the body shops for you.
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    Bad boy duck hunters.
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    It probably didn't register in his mind that they shot over him right then. He just knew someone was shooting in his direction and him and his buddies lives could be in danger so he opened fire. If that's the case any one of us would have done the same.
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