This don't look good.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by steve72444, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. steve72444

    steve72444 Well-Known Member

    CWD or what? I'm gonna forward these to agafc and see what they think. Screenshot_20200927-092600.jpeg Screenshot_20200927-092639.jpeg
  2. 1928

    1928 Well-Known Member

    What county?
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  3. steve72444

    steve72444 Well-Known Member

    Northern Randolph County. Right at the state line
  4. bullcreekboy

    bullcreekboy Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Could be cwd. Could be getting over ehd. Could have a mouth/ jaw injury, though I don’t really see one. Could just be old and out of teeth. I have a small 8pt at my lease that looks the same way. I’m not in cwd zone, but you never know.
  5. sam

    sam Grand Member

    Don't automatically think CWD, just like Kung Flu in people, there are lots of other things that could cause that. Blue tongue, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease, car hit, old age, cancer or extreme parasite load. Just to name a few. Something kills all of them , and us, in the end.
  6. John Stiles

    John Stiles Ultimate Member 2007 Team Turkey Contest Winner

    Aw geeeeeze....put it out of its misery!
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  7. ray porter

    ray porter Well-Known Member

    east ar
    personally i would feel that if it walks like a duck and quacks.....................
  8. Scatterlandsfarms

    Scatterlandsfarms Well-Known Member

    ne ar
    Don't tell AGFC unless you want your hunting ruined AGFC can't control CWD ,,They only want to kill all the healthy deer
  9. 44magnum

    44magnum Well-Known Member

    If you tell AGFC, they’ll kill it to test it then kill all your other deer too just because. No survivors = no disease....yeah!
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  10. gundogs

    gundogs Well-Known Member

    Would humbly suggest turning off that feeder and probably any others you have control of in that area. Might not be anything she can transmit, but if it is, that's sure a point source for spread.
  11. Ghost1

    Ghost1 Well-Known Member

    Likely bulimia. No doubt a result of social media. Too many selfies at the feeder.
  12. Shooter

    Shooter Well-Known Member

    F073A3AA-3693-4941-95B7-2F8608F4311E.png I had this one on camera this year I’m in northern Randolph Co. also she was only on camera one time
  13. Kodiac

    Kodiac Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I am sure that the AGFC employee wanting to know where the dead bear was has sent word down the line to the biologist in that area.

    Maybe he just flipped a coin? Heads=sick deer. Tails=dead bear.

    I do know they don't like for their bears to be killed.
  14. steve72444

    steve72444 Well-Known Member

    I'm in the Supply area. I had her nearly every day last week on camera.
    The biologist is going to call me tomorrow.
  15. Remington

    Remington Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I bet.....

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  16. tmeredith

    tmeredith Platinum Member Redneck Slum Lord

    The last thing I would do if I thought I had a deer with cwd is inform the agfc.
    They are already looking for any reason to wipe out the deer herd.
  17. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    If I had more time I thought about trying to keep count of how many does were killed on here that were just admitted to being killed. Lot of folks on here kills A LOT of does for meat of course every year. Once freezer is full got to fill the in-laws and so on and so on. If you want to shoot all your does you can legally shoot more power to you, but don’t complain in a few years when you see no deer. Kinda same concept killing cwd deer just Incase they get it.
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  18. Onetrakd

    Onetrakd Well-Known Member

    I am expecting to see a spreadsheet at the end of the year...
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  19. hazelcreek

    hazelcreek Well-Known Member

    Had one last year just like that. EHD
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  20. 44magnum

    44magnum Well-Known Member

    In 2012 I had about 6 like that on my lease that died. The ones that lived looked about like the picture. Best we could tell was EHD. They repopulated then the extremely liberal CWD regulations hit and they’re almost all gone......again.
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