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H&R Pardner single shot 12ga smooth bore slug gun, imp cyl, 3", rifle sights, wood stock with schnabel forend; comes with 50 cal huntsman ML barrel (drilled and tapped with scope rail) with ramrod and 10 primer carriers. Got it for ML season, but didn't get to hunt because of work.

Type 99 Arisaka in 7.7 japanese, Fajen custom stock, was drilled and tapped. Guy I got it from put aftermarket sights on it. Ive shot it several times. Would make for a good rebarrel project

type 38 6.5 jap barreled receiver, lower half of stock, and trigger

trade for a 22lr or 223, pref bolt, or mauser, but shoot me offers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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