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  1. So Ive never been duck hunting. I didnt buy the migratory bird stuff. If I decide to go, What do I need to buy(licnese wise) to be legal and what kind of shells for my 870 ultimag to be legal and what do I need for clothing? I dont have waders. I have muck boots and all kinds of camo. How about a little education for us NON duck hunters that may want to give it a try.
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    1. Hip registration: Get it anywhere that sells hunting license
    2. State and Federal Duck stamp: Get it anywhere that sells hunting license
    3. Shells for gun: Must use non-toxic shot. Would recommend 3" #4's in steel shot.
    4. Gun Plug: Make sure that your gun is plugged, so that it is only capable of holding 3 shells at a time
    5. You will want to have a pair of waders, at least hip height, but preferably chest.
    6. Any camo you currently have will work fine.

  3. That was quick. Gotta get the waders and the licenses.
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    GHSD did a fine a job getting you started.

    As far as legal, the GW will check your license, stamps, HIP, hunter's ed, plug in gun, non toxic shells, life jackets, and ducks in bag. Abide by shooting hours too, you never know where MR. GreenJeans in hanging out and will be more than willing to write you a $210 fine for shooting 5 minutes early.

    Make dang sure you know your bird id's, and how many are allowed in your bag limit. Hunting with 1 or 2 guys can get in trouble quick by shooting too many hens or have a group of canvasbacks or pintails come in and drop more than your 1 or 2 birds alotted.

    Waders are nice to have. If you get some really good buddies who have waders, most of the time you can get by without them by hanging out in the boat or catch a ride in a 4wheeler to the blind. I can count on one hand how many times my dad has worn waders in the last 5 years. He says, I have a dog to go get my birds and 3 sons to put out the decoys, why should I wear waders?

    Your location and weather conditions determine clothing. Waterproof is always a good idea. Carry multiple sets of warm gloves because they will get wet.
  5. I would definitely need to go with someone. I dont have a clue what bird is what or what a hen is . Guess I need a little classroom education too.
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    sign your stamps and liscense
  7. Ive read a lot of the threads on that and I think Im supposed to put them on a certain way or something too. Is that right? Jeez. Other than the fact that I rarely see any ducks in these hills, It sure seems like a lot of trouble. Probably about like all the stuff you have to do for the Urban bow hunts.
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    Greenhead hit the nail on the head, ALSO REMEMBER some WMA's have a sweet sixteen permit you need to print off and have on you.
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    Just get them signed and on your license. Not much of a special formula, I would recommend not attaching them to the back of a deer or turkey tag though.

    Hunting ducks in the hills can be pretty dismal, I'm sure there are some folks any direction of the state other than your direction that would let you tag along.

    Duck hunting is all what you make of it, just like deer hunting, you can spend your life's savings and have the nicest, most top of the line gear and have a gadget for everything under the stars and might not see a duck. Some of my best hunts have been taking guys who showed up at my house with a pair of boots, box of shells, and a gun and we wore them out. My best suggestion is to buddy up with somebody that already has all of the gear, I know a few guys like that and they really do appreciate all of my paychecks i put towards "our" duck hunting habit.
  10. I would definitely do that. Im sure I know some guys on here and another site that would take me along. I want to have all my "ducks in a row" before I ask though. So Im looking at waders. Im 6'3" and weigh 260. I wear a size 13 boot. Bass pro had the bonehead waders and the sizes go to 14. Is that shoe size? What would I buy?
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    Ill take ya doug!
  12. Where do you hunt? You've had good success too havent you?
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    New jacked up truck
    $2000 shotgun

    Oh nevermind,you didnt say"Badboy duckhunter" That will come later.LOL
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    oh crap! dont EVER ask that!
  15. Right!!! Poorboy duckhunter.
  16. I havent learned all the rules. Im just now thinking about it. LOL
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    Seriously Doug,Its a lot of fun! Im lucky I have little spot on private land that usually always holds a few ducks.I dont do the public land thing,although ive heard it can be good and bad.You can go online to and read the duckhunting guidebook.That will explain a lot.
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    I hit the Lakes and Rivers around Mountain Home when it gets cold. Might hit the lake this weekend for S&Gs. Bring the moon pies and I will save you a seat in the Xpress. You related to Ricky Hodges from Elizabeth?