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Thinking about buying a Springfield EMP 1911...Thoughts?

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Hey guys, was on cheaperthandirt earlier and seen they carry the EMP in stock. I didn't realize they came in 40S&W and that has really struck my interest with the 3'' barrel. Easy to carry and conceal.

Anyone have or shot one? Curious what some thoughts on them were?


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I would love to have one myself.

I have a Springfield XD-9 compact about the same size and it is excellent for CC. I use a crossbreed super tuck to carry it.:biggrin:
YES YES YES and YES!!!!!

Do NOT shoot one unless you have the funds to buy one!!!

I want one SO bad I can't explain it!!!

I shot an EMP-9 and it was the sweetest shooting handgun I have ever held.....beyond belief. Of course you know that Micro 1911's don't run right??? BS!!! This little gem was incredible.
I have the 9mm it is my every day carry pistol. Put it in a cross bread holster and you forget you have it on.
I have a cross breed and love the holster...And I've never owned a 1911 because I hate large frame handguns. I'm a compact fella.

I am seriously considering making this my last handgun purchase for a few years. I only keep 1 handgun because it's all I can carry. And right now I don't have one...:whistle:

Anyone got one I can shoot? :biggrin:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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