Thinking about a lease

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by TimberHog, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. TimberHog

    TimberHog Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking hard about getting a lease next year !!
  2. jg54

    jg54 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm right there with ya!

  3. SwampCat

    SwampCat Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I used to lease a couple of different fields every year. Cost a lot of money and did not insure you were going to kill ducks. Leased a field down by Wright one time and never killed a duck off of it - $4000 down the drain. I have had some good leases and not so good leases. I finally decided it just was not worth the money. Unless you get very lucky - your lease will not have ducks all the time. You feel compelled to hunt your lease because you paid good money for it - even though you might go to a public area and do better. But, that was ten years ago - this is now. Duck hunting and duck hunters have gotten crazy. That money could be looked as peace of mind - not having to fight with the crowds. I have a little private duck hole I hunt once a week. I can get out of bed 45 minutes before legal shooting time and know when I get there ten minutes before shooting time - I will be the only one there. Otherwise - I hunt public and fight the worst crowds I have ever seen this year - and maybe the fewest ducks. I, too, would probably throw some money at a lease if there were something within an hours drive of me - just for peace of mind.
  4. TimberHog

    TimberHog Well-Known Member

    Well most lease equal water in a year like this you got water you most likely have ducks
  5. mach316

    mach316 Well-Known Member

    Plus, you will have a place to ice skate when it locks up!!
  6. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom Well-Known Member

    Once you get to the age that you don't think duck hunting is a competition or feel the need to prove something to other people by mean mugging to everyone at the ramp with your 3 mallard limit, a lease is the only way to go. :up:

    I'm in 2 leases and own a farm all within 10 minutes of my house and wouldn't get up at 2 am to go fight the racers, swing shooters, skybusters and bad azzes if I could kill a limit of banded greenheads every day of the season!!

    I go duck hunting to relax, have fun and enjoy times with my friends and family, not get mad, pissed off and want to fight. I can get that a work just about any day! I'd rather kill a single duck on my place than kill 50 anywhere else. :up:
  7. mach316

    mach316 Well-Known Member

    I agree with this statement...
  8. TimberHog

    TimberHog Well-Known Member

    Me too which is why I consider it