Thinkin of buying a new bow.

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Mbpike, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Mbpike

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    I've gotten the itch to buy a new compound bow. The bowtech sniper I have right now is only 2 years old but I find myself wanting something faster. I've been doing some research and I've got a list of bows I would like to shoot. The list being the bowtech invasion and destroyer 350. The Bear Carnage, the Mathews Z7 extreme, and even the PSE omen. While the PSE is on the bottom of my list I still want to give it a try.For some reason the Hoyt bows are not really catching my eye. Have any of ya'll shot these bows and if so what is your feed back on them. And if there are any bows I'm missing that I should look into just let me know.
  2. Passthrough

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    I shoot a PSE X force vendetta and love it. I shot the Omen but the short brace height was too unforgiving, at least for me. I also shot the X force Axe 7 and liked it. Not quite as fast as the omen but still as fast as any other brand.

  3. grrifles

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    Take a look at the ryterra nemesis I love mine.
  4. GWH

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    You better have some muscles for the D350.
  5. Mbpike

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    I'm pulling 66 pounds now. I'm looking forward to shooting so new bows
  6. channum

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    I bought a Limbsaver DZ32 in march and love everyhting about it. Small, lightweight, fast, quiet.....I could go on and on. You should try one out!
  7. mossyhorn

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    Bear Carnage:whistle:
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    I agree as I got one last year.The D350 packs alot of power and speed but there is a trade off for that power.I shot most of the "speed bows" before getting my D350.I felt that the D350 had the smoothest draw of all the ones I shot (compared to other speed bows only).I was worried some about the low brace height,but this bow has proven to be a arrow stacker for me.I liked that it had a little more "give" in the back wall than the others, which makes it hunting friendly.Shoot all the bows you like and make up your own mind as they are not one size fits all.The quality of my D350 has been outstanding, only bow that the factory strings have lasted thru a season with me.I am hard on my hunting stuff but take good care of it,I like to say I use it alot and don't have room for stuff that can't hold up.My only gripe is that I have a bow that can do 60yrds and I am stuck at 40yrds.I plan on changing that this summer during off season am going to get comfortable at 50yrds with a lot of practice.
  9. gracie82

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    D350 and you wont be sorry! I am about to order my Invasion and a D340!
  10. fishing8

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    Athens bows. They are great bows and have some new ones out this year.
  11. gates1

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    try the bowtech assassin fast and the best price .I have the d350 and love it but the assissan is sweet plan on buying one next
  12. dsmtuner1

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    just keep in mind with the Z7 extreme it's only 28" axle to axle. Only complaint I have heard is if you have long draw lengths the short ATA puts a sharp angle on the string at long draws. Other than that heard nothing but good stuff about it.
  13. NWA Bowhntr

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    I shot the Z7 Extreme, Z7, and a Monster 7.0 this past Saturday at Outdoor America in Springdale. I liked all 3! I will not buy the Z7 Extreme because of the short ATA, I tend to shoot longer ATA bows better. The Z7 and the Monster 7.0 were so close it wasn't even funny! I most likely will end up buying a Monster, I like the 33" ATA bow, it was quiet, fast, and felt really good in my hand!:thumb:
  14. Hog_54

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  15. J870sm

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    For "speed bows" I am shooting a D350 and an SR71. The D350 is a solid bow that is fast and accurate and has a great back wall. I shoot mine a lot and enjoy it. The SR71 is faster by a little bit, had to tune the wall to my liking but all in all it is a better bow for me than the D350. I will not get rid of either one of them any time soon, nothing else that's new seems to have the speed.

    I have an Infinity that is only a few fps slower than the D350 and the SR71 but everything about this bow is Awesome. What I gave up in speed I gained so much more in smoothness and shootability. This is undoubtedly my favorite bow of all and it even bumped the GT500 out of the greatest of all time bows for me. I can hunt with the D350, SR71 or the Infinity but if you sit all day in a cold stand the Infinity is the one to have.

    The Omen is a fast bow but did not choose it as one for me.

    I could have bought a Z7 and been happy but it was not as fast as my Infinity so why go back. It is a smooth shooter for sure.

    Shoot every bow you can get your hands on and the bow will pick you. You will shoot one and it will sing to ya and you will know. No one on a forum can pick a bow for you. I shopped for 8 months before I settled on a bow when I got back to archery. Had I listened to all the advice I got on these forums I would have never shot the bow I ended up with and it still is one of the best bows I have ever owned. I still have it and I still hunt with it some but it is mainly a 3D bow now.
  16. Mbpike

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    I do plan on shooting every bow I can get my hands on. But peoples first hand reviews are very helpful.
  17. well let us know what you end up going with and post some pics. I love seeing peoples new rig. Hope you find what your looking for.
  18. GunnerX2

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    If you get a chance try out an Elite. I have two of them, a GT500 & a Judge and love both of them. About to order another Elite too. Smooth draw, great backwall, & a lifetime warranty. Just my opinion.