Think he needs a year?

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by cannon, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. cannon

    cannon Well-Known Member

    was wondering if he would get anymore than 6 pts next year?????
  2. Not if he comes by my stand, nice mature buck. I'd shoot him in a minute.

  3. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator

    NE Ark
  4. seymore whitetail

    seymore whitetail Well-Known Member

    x3 except it wouldn't take me a minute to shoot!!
  5. cannon

    cannon Well-Known Member

    have saw him in daylight twice all season. should have shot him i guess! thought he might gain a few more points. lol
  6. SR4

    SR4 Super Member<br>'07/'08 Bowhunting Contest Team Wi

  7. thelineman

    thelineman Well-Known Member

    Let him go and see what happens!!!!!
  8. cannon

    cannon Well-Known Member

    he will probally get to grow. gota lot of night pics of him. just a few at daybreak and at dawn.
  9. austincrutchfield

    austincrutchfield Well-Known Member

    He looks like a young deer to me, might make a 8 point next year, but i wouldnt pass him up if i had a chance. Good luck
  10. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    3.5 or 4.5

    Even if he doesnt gain any more points he should but on some more mass come Oct 2011. Good luck.
  11. x5
  12. AfterLife

    AfterLife Sponsor<br>

    i would wait
  13. Nuge Fan

    Nuge Fan Well-Known Member

  14. cannon

    cannon Well-Known Member

    My son killed him tue. morning. Lol. guess he wont get to grow.
  15. Nuge Fan

    Nuge Fan Well-Known Member

    sweet! got some "after" pics?
  16. BDW

    BDW Premium Member<br>Merganser Slayer<br>2011 Turkey

    I would've killed him, too. :up: