Things to Check on a Used Outboard

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by claytonsdad, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. claytonsdad

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    When looking at a used outboard, what should you do besides check compression, general appearance, flow from water pump, visual inspection for leaks, loose parts and writes, unusual noises and prop shaft? I've wondered about this for some time. No experience at it. Is it worth taking to a shop for a professional check?
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  2. arkrem870

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    Compression. You can run it on hose to make sure everything seems be functioning properly. Best to take to lake if they'd let you

  3. JB Weld

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    If it is a big heavy one, I would take it to a shop for a check over. If it is a small outboard (and supposed to be running), get the owner to let you see it running. I have worked on a few small project outboards and in my experience, it was always a fuel issue.
  4. fullcredit

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    Best thing—contact QCDually on this site. He’s as good as they get IMO.
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  5. factory909

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    1. Compression
    2. Lower unit for busted seal
    3. Prop Shaft
    4. Spark plugs
    5. Inside bore
    6. No salt on block or rusted bolts/corrosion
    7. Run it in the river/lake or at least under load.
  6. claytonsdad

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    QC is absolutely my first line of defense, but sometimes you're out of the area and don't have the opportunity to take it to him.