There's a special place in Hell for this guy...

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by dunnhead, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. rjet

    rjet Well-Known Member

    Need to throw him off a bridge, would be the only right thing to do.:mad:

  2. millennium man

    millennium man Well-Known Member

    Yeah and hopefully the state of Alabama can help him get to that special place as soon as possible! Do they have an express lane for Death row inmates in Alabama?
  3. d2

    d2 Well-Known Member

    I would like to punch his ticket for him :mad: ...d2
  4. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    If they don't....they can borrow my truck to run that guy over to TX where they do! :mad:
  5. taxidermydude

    taxidermydude Well-Known Member

    Too bad somebody did not run over this psycho when he first stepped out of the car!
  6. joedirt

    joedirt Well-Known Member

    They'll probably let us taxpayers pay for some drug rehab for him for a few months then let him back out.
  7. D33RHUNT3R

    D33RHUNT3R Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm... this is where waterboarding is approriate.... sounds like he may have sold the kids instead of killing them ... bring him up here a few days and I can find out :biggrin: oh ya You guys might have to hold a couple of guys here off while I find out, they think that would be torture and wrong :biggrin:
  8. Redcloud35

    Redcloud35 Well-Known Member

    Truly words cannot express the feelings I have when I read stuff like this.:frown:
  9. flintknapper

    flintknapper Moderator/smokepole pimp

    Really, it hurts my heart just thinking about it. No matter what we do to him in this world, the next one will be harder on him. Good.
  10. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    I mean what can you say about that article....I dont even think putting him to death would justify what he did....I am angry,:mad: but also truly saddened.... :frown:
  11. johnf

    johnf Well-Known Member

    Need to put him in "general population" and tell everyone what he did. Hopefully it would be slow and painfull.:mad:
  12. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    I'll pay for the gas!
  13. hillbillychaffeehunter

    hillbillychaffeehunter Super Member<br>2009 Photo Contest Winner<br>2012-

    I say hang him off the bridge upside down and about nose deep and let the tide come in!
  14. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

    I know some people in Alabama the would do a lot more to him than just the death penality if given the chance.
  15. brookz

    brookz Well-Known Member

    Put him in a pit and let the people stone him to death.... All sickos like him...........PUBLIC STONING:thumb:
  16. JR

    JR Moderator<br>Campfire<br>General Hunting Topics<br

    Lynch Mob!
  17. flydown

    flydown Well-Known Member

    I heard on the news last night that a duck hunter found one of those children. I had hoped that he didn't real do that but I guess that he did.
    I would take care of this man if they wanted me to.

    I cannot imagine doing something like that.
  18. Bruin

    Bruin Well-Known Member

    I agree, but first he should have barbed wire wrapped all around him in a fashion so when he hits the end of the wire it will half way skin him.
    Be sure the bridge is over salt water.
    Then take him out and inflict some real pain.
  19. flydown

    flydown Well-Known Member


    I could not talk for several minutes after reading that story. I still get teary eyed sitting thinking about it. I love my daughter so much that I cannot imagine something like he did. :eek:mg: :censored: :censored: