The Unspoken rule

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by clane72286, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. clane72286

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    The problem with bayou meto is that hunters dont keep the unspoken rule. They all try but if they wont land they tree top them. Me and my group started a rule 3 years ago that I think most other hunters were already doing except in bayou meto. The rule is simple you dont shoot until at least one of the group's feet have touched the water. Im not saying sit them all down but atleast have 1 just 1 bird finished. Was in there last week and every bird that would swing out over 100 yards would get shot. That place is 50% the realist hunters in Arkansas and 50% the biggest freaking idiots youve ever seen.
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    Wishful Thinking my friend. :shrug:

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    Clane, I agree with what you're saying 100%....I will tell you this, none of my group ever shoots unless their down.....I take guys all the time that are like, "Man, we shoulda shot them they were right there..." But we have the same rule, one person calls the shot and not until the birds are in the hole........That is exactly what the problem is:cool:
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    Preach on brother preach on :clap::clap::clap:

    This is my 23rd year down there and it's as bad as I've ever seen it !! I was blessed to have learnt from the best to ever step foot in those woods and would rather teach this new crowd than watch them destroy the TRUE ART OF GREEN TIMBER HUNTING !! It's a sad day my friend :frown:
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    There is always that "We could've had them. They were plenty close enough!" statement somewhere amongst the group. If you hunt with me, there either in your face when you shoot or you don't shoot. Just the way I see it.
    Why duck hunt if you can't have the thrill of working them.
  6. coonnutz

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    Was there a group hunting about 75 yards away from you?
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    My group got mad the other day because a group of about 50 sat down to the right of us and we didnt shoot. could have shot as son as they broke the trees, but threy werent coming in to our hole they hit about 25 yards to the right. What they didnt realize is there were 300 above them that wanted in too! But then the group beside us shot them swinging and ruined it all...:mad:
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    I usually don't shoot until I hear someone whisper "What the :censored: are we waitin on?!"
  9. Black OpsThe legend

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    I agree 100%.....the problem is people start shooting swings and then some people don't have the ability or patience to still get them in the hole, either from getting their swings messed up and rushing or out of fear of the swing shot.....But I'm with you SA_Archer we aint shooting if they arent floating in front of us:up:
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    Guess I've been pretty lucky this year. The 1/2 dozen times I've been, it seems the groups around us are of the same mind. We ain't shootin somebody else's swings and we ain't tree toppin. I'm the world's worst about letting them make one more pass. Many times we could have killed them floatin through, but I'm with ya'll....wings cupped and feet down:thumb:

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    Early season put em in the hole, late season take em on the dip. But don't let em get away ever.
  12. jsilver919

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    sounds like common sense to me but after being on here for a while hearing stories nothin much suprises me
  13. haha....heard this a few times
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    had some of my best hunts this year and not killed a mallard. The group 150 yards from us were playing nice, and all we did was a calling contest, neither group would top 'em, but MAN it was perty watching group after group of 200 circle at tree top. Wish they woulda committed, coulda been ugly.
  15. clane72286

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    Just asking not being a jerk but did you have a spinner out? If so that was your problem. You can finish 2 with a spinner but not 200. Proof is in the pudding ask those who are killing them in groves they will tell you.
  16. duinbb

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  17. green_head_getter

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    I agree clane. We don't shoot em until they are on the water. Or at least bad close to the water. we never shoot high ducks, we don't shoot swing ducks, and we absolutely do not call ducks that are working another hole. If ur huntin with me, I call the shot and will tell you to shut up if your callin another groups ducks. That's duck killin, not duck huntin. And killin ain't why I go.
  18. CrappieMaster220

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    I had one come down on me the other day... I actually tried to catch him with my hands... I was praying none of my buddies were gonna raise up and shoot at him lol
  19. F B

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    That would solve alot of problems if people would do that but most wont.

    I quit duck huntin' years ago but can still remember what it was like to have several hundred mallards droppin' down in the timber all around you. Youd start workin' a small group and before they made another pass there would be twice as many as there was on the first pass. That would happen two or three times and before you knew it there'd be a couple of hundred ducks up there circling around.

    All you had to do was get that first group to commit and they'd start landing all around you so close that you could hear the wind through their wings.

    Wings cupped, feet sticking straight out, and just sailing down through the tree tops. Man that was something and you aint duck hunted till youve experienced it.

    Thats what green timber huntin' is all about imo. Too many people today think that green timber huntin' is shootin' em on the swing or tree top high.

    If anybody in our group shot at em before they got down in the trees, they didnt get invited back.

    It was alot more fun and Im a whole lot better shot when they were right there in my face. :wink:
  20. ihateroboducks

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    Hmmmmm, this seems like a pretty Utopian world. Now back in reality, ducks don't always want to land in your hole. Sometimes they want to land just out of range or circle a few times, get about tree top high and fly on. Now I'm not an advocate of skybusting, but I certainly don't believe they have to land to kill them. I'm not a member of the Olympic skeet shooting team, but I'm pretty good with a shotgun. I can shoot them at tree top level very well. Do I always hit them, 100% of the time? No, but I've missed them lighting on my gun barrel before. You're "unspoken rule" seems like a good idea in a perfect world, but this is the real world, and in all honesty it lacks practicality.