the trick to catching big trout is ......

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by stealthycat, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. stealthycat

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    I have no frickin clue ! I can catch big bass, big catfish, big crappie, big stripers ... but catching a big rainbow or brown eludes me.

    what is the key ?
  2. Manybeards

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    That one I can't answer...I always catch the little ones myself :smack:

  3. TheBattman

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    Actually - while I have never caught a really huge trout, the bigger ones have always been in very similar settings as large bass - fishing in the structure. I have been fishing the Little Red and found large concentrations of small fish - and watched HUGE trout swim by. They are often in the same hole - they just didn't get so big by being dumb. While the little 'bows might fall for a plug of powerbait, the old trout isn't so easily fooled and takes more finesse and more accurate lure/bait selection (read that natural).

    Also - bigger bait does often help. I saw someone catch a really nice one once - on a Rogue... I thought he was nuts using such a big lure while I was using a Rooster Tail.

    Just got to keep plugging. Spend enough time and you will find them.


    RAMBUSTER Well-Known Member

    Try two or three (or however many you can pack on) big juicy earth worms on a small hook. Find you a deep hole and toss it out there on the bottom with a couple small split shots a foot ar so above the hook and hang on! Worked for me a few times but I have fished a bunch also. Patience helps to. :thumb:
  5. John Stiles

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    Try three nuggets of corn, threaded up and past the hooks eye, then a whole night careful to hide the barb inside the crawler, then let the corn back down to the worms head. Be sure you have a sliding sinker, with a swivel tied below it so it can't hit the this by using a 2' leader.
  6. ECHIV

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    A friend who used to guide told me he catches big trout on 1/32 oz jigs just the same as the small ones. That World Record Brown out of the Little Red River was caught on 4 lb line and a VERY small jig. He said he "Beats the bank" with a jig from a boat and catches them that way. I have a hard time catching any so I got no advice except two tips from my Grandpa that seem to work well with any kind of fish.

    1. You catch more fish on the water than the sofa, and
    2. To catch big fish you have to fish where the big fish are.

    Good Luck.:thumb:
  7. Rackmaster

    Rackmaster Well-Known Member

    What do you consider a big trout?

    I've caught several and all have been on live (natural) bait. A lot of it depends on the water you're fishing. But, I have had a lot of success on softshelled crawdads, crawdad tail (peeled) and night crawlers. Scaulpins are supposed to work great for big trout, but I haven't seen any in the Little Red. But, I hear that is one of the best big trout baits on the White ... fished much like catfishing. You can either use it live, dead or skinned from what I was told by a guide.

    I have another bait I use on the Little Red that works real well, but I usually don't tell what it is because too many people would start using it. Maybe we can go some day.

    The comment about 4 lb test line seems to be correct also. I started using 6 many years ago, but since switching to 4 I've caught more fish and bigger fish.
  8. odocoi

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    If you want to catch a big brown trout then fish at night. I always wanted to catch some big browns and two years ago on fathers day myself, my father, bro and bro in law night fished the red up stream from lobo landing. They caught a few good sized rainbows on worms but I yanked in four 19+ in. browns using a 3 in. rattle craw. looks like a brown crawfish with rattles in it.
  9. spur

    spur Well-Known Member

    Shad and 6"+ jerk baits in the winter
    Jerk baits in the spring
    Softshell crawdad, sculpin,crawdad tails and jerk baits in the summer
    Fish high water
    Be confident with the jerk bait, don't catch alot but more quality
  10. lilturkeyhunter

    lilturkeyhunter Well-Known Member

    Present a bigger crank bait at a forty-five degree angle upstream from the boat. Retrieve the bait with a jerking fashion. I prefer a Rapala #9 countdown in rainbow or perch color.

    I learned this from the master. :thumb:

    It doesn't hurt that I grew up with a fishing pole in one hand and a tackle box in the other.

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  11. spur

    spur Well-Known Member

    lilturkeyhunter knows

    two more
    fish during the week
    fish right up to dark (or after at your own risk)
  12. stealthycat

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    I've been thinking hard on this .....

    the area we fished was a deep hole, above a catch and release zone ( 1/8 of a mile above and a shallow shoal between the areas). It was shore choked with big logs, trees, and rocks. Almost all the browns we caught we males I think - long, then, skinny almost. We caught 2-3 females and they gleeked eggs in the boat as we unhooked them.

    monday there was a stiff north wind rippling the water, we moved downstream fast. Tuesday the wind was calmer, and we floated slower. Tuesday was a bit higher water - maybe a foot higher.

    other than that, same conditions

    we used big baits, 45 degrees to shore, around structure ..... we just couldnt land a good one - and I'd define a good one as greater than 20" and one that has some weight to it maybe 5 pounds or better

    next time, we'll go into the catch and release zone for giggles and try it. we'll also try live baits and see what happens.

    we were using 6 pound line, Dad was using clear line, I had green Trilene.
  13. RKS3

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    Big Browns are also notorius for eating little rainbows.

    I have an idea that a huddelston soft rainbow swim bait "used for monstren bass out west" would be killer on giant browns. You just have to break down and buy one $$.

    Otherwise live crawfish and sculpins on about a 2/0 hook free lined by sight fishing them is where I would concentrate.
  14. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    Green line makes a big difference with trout.
    I've always wanted to try night fishing for them.
    The best way I've caught big ones was in Dry Run Creek when I was under 16!
  15. troutman

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    The biggest secret is to just be out there. I have been fishing for the big rainbows for 41 years and have not landed him yet. I did hook the state record twice but couldn't turn him. I do believe the best all round trout bait made today is by far the Berkley Power Bait. Good luck!
  16. odocoi

    odocoi Well-Known Member

    You have to get out there at night. It's a blast and seemed the big browns really bit well. Just wear your life jacket and have plenty of light handy.
  17. spur

    spur Well-Known Member

    You're right about the night fishing. Just like all the big ones they are more prone to bite at night. Can't recommend using a boat on high water at night though. Only way I fish out of a boat at night is on low or falling water where I can anchor down and wait. Try getting a 10#+ brown in the boat at 2am. It is fire drill to say the least.

    Also maxima is a great line to use!!!!!!!
  18. parrotheadcrb

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    One thing that will help is targeting them the right time of year. Try going after them in the fall and your chances of catching a large one will increase
  19. stealthycat

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    I almost drowned on the White in 1995 - a moment in time I will NEVER forget.

    Winter fishing is dangerous, make no mistake about it. Layers of clothes soak quickly and its almost impossible to swim after a few moments. Couple that with the cold sapping your strength quickly and the lack of boats on the rivers .... ya'll be carfeul. I can only IMAGINE a 35 degree February moonless night and the dangers of it.

    Don't underestimate the river. Almost cost my life and my brother in laws.
  20. Manybeards

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    Last February

    This pic was taken last February it was 25 and snowing. About froze my a$$ off.