The squirrel rut is fixin to be on

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by melhuntin, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. melhuntin

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    We whent to day and the fox sq. are fixin to get with it the grays are about a week off we got 19 we got a few double and couple triples next week will be a good week for squirrel huntin.:up:We also found some hog sign were they had been .HAVE NEVER SEEN A HOG HERE .I WONDER HOW FAR A HOG WILL TRAVEL .?
  2. n2deer

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    I spoke with a professor in Alabama and he said a hog can and often does travel up to 6 miles in 1 day. Sounds hard to believe but this guy studied them so I guess he knows more than me.

  3. woodsnwater

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    Yea I seen a lot of squirrel chasing the other morning. Ought to be good.
  4. antler3

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    Well that's news to me. I was under the impression squirrels mated year round. :skeptical:
  5. AfterLife

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    squirrel rut --- that sounds so funny :fit: :fit:

    never even thought bout hunting the "tree rat rut" :fit:
  6. neahunter12

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  7. woodwise

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    Good Call....I went to fill my feeder this morning saw a few that were...Twitterpatted.....:eek:
  8. Meathunter

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    are you seeing a lot of rubs up that way??:head::head::head:
  9. Catfish898

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    The scrapes are impossible to find.
  10. snydedawg

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    Had several scraping yesterday...... peanut butter out the bottom of the jar!!!

    Noticed a lot of chasing through the woods too!!! And even here in town this morning.... they must be IN!!!!