The rut is on!!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bett_lou, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. bett_lou

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    I haven't seen this buck before. Look at his neck.


    This poor fellow has gotten skinny from chasing doe.



    All my bucks are nocturnal. I've seen one during the day. He was chasing a doe Saturday morning and I couldn't get on him quick enough. The one above is the only day time picture I've gotten of a buck. I stayed in the stand until 11:00 yesterday. Went back at 2:00. They driving me crazy.
  2. fredbearbowhunter

    fredbearbowhunter Well-Known Member

    Those are some good bucks bett :thumb:

  3. OuachitaMtnMan

    OuachitaMtnMan Well-Known Member

    That first one is a hoss.
  4. jerry dean

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    That sucker looks like he weighs 300lbs!!
  5. bett_lou

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    He's a big one for sure. I have another picture of one that looks big but it's so foggy it's hard to tell. These three bucks just came to my place this week. First pictures of them that I've had all year.
  6. TheBattman

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    So - bucks still rutting down your way, and bucks up here in many areas of Arkansas have already shed their antlers...
  7. bett_lou

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    Yep. It's weird ain't it? Our gun season doesn't close until January 20th. We are about a month behind y'all on our seasons. Ours opens the third week in November and closes the third week in January. We'll have one week of muzzleloader after the gun season.
  8. spit-n-drum

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    Bett Lou, They may not be coming out in that plot in the daylight, but you may catch them staging up nearby just before dark. Have you tried anywhere other than right on the plot?
  9. MntnMan22

    MntnMan22 Well-Known Member

    My suggestion as well. Find out that travel route and set up for a day or two. Nice looking bucks!
  10. antler3

    antler3 Well-Known Member

    Great looking bucks ! I hope you get one or two of 'em ! Good luck to ya :thumb:
  11. Gary R

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    Ain't hunting in LA fun Bett? May never see one, but if you do, he has a good chance of being a good one.
  12. bett_lou

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    I haven't sat anywhere else but right there. Your right. :smack: Why in sam hail haven't I thought about that? I could put a climber some where else. I can see 4 plots from that stand but they are somewhere else during the day and I can't figure it out. I have to do something.
  13. bett_lou

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    Your so right Gary. I have some bigs ones if I could just get the opportunity to see them during the day.