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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Ole Stumpy, Dec 6, 2012.

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    I'll be in a hole there this weekend - DEER HUNTING - they are all DRY DRY DRY.

    Believe me, don't believe me, whatever, but I've seen it since the rain. It is Dry in BM. Not the whole place, but there is VERY LITTLE WATER there.

    I'd rather be duck hunting this weekend but I'm not, because there is no water where I hunt.

    I'm not trying to keep anyone away, come on and see for yourself, just giving an ACTUAL, TRUE report.

    You don't have to be a scientific rocket to know that what rain we got was not enough to fill up that place.

    It's been 70 degrees here all week, the ducks are gone. They do not stay in a place where it's warm and there's no water. That's completely the opposite of what they prefer.

    If you think the no sucks thing is a lie, them come see for yourself.

    Ducks are WATERFOWL. There is no WATER. You do the math.
  2. duck

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    x2. I beleive you 100% my friend.

  3. greggdonna

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    they are all over at mc georges stick pond and prarie wings BIG TIME
  4. HEVI D

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  5. Duck were there..... now they are gone after the storms.

    I don't care what ya'll do...... I killed my ducks 15 years ago. :fit:
  6. madduck87

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    ducks thicker than mosquitoes in august this mornin.....killed our 6 limits by 8 in the bull....dead serious
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    I guess you finally hunted that spot that was in the metro city limits.
  8. BDW

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    I don't know where they hunted, but some buddies of mine killed 5 limits somewhere in BM this morning....Good, honest folks....Wouldn't lie.

    I'd be there in the morning if I was you guys.
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  10. Ankledeep

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    More BS. It's dry boys. Go check it out if you don't believe.
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    This thread represents all that is wrong with this forum and why it sucks immensely. If the waterfowl forum ceased to exist I for one would be a happy camper and administrators that is bhunts exercising his right to free speech. It represents all that is wrong with duck hunting.

    Believe what you want but Stumpy was trying to give an honest report of the conditions because there is so much misinformation out there. Madduck your a chump for trying to lead people to a place that is virtually unhuntable. You realize some folks might drive upwards of two hours to go hunt only to find no water? Just so you can be the "cool" guy on the internet and lead them astray? Maybe a couple of guys take their sons to see what a good timber hunt is all about only to find they can't launch. Wasting money on gas as well. Yeah I realize they should know better and not internet scout but it is the way it is. This forum isn't going anywhere unfortunately.

    BDW, same goes for you. You're a better guy than that BS.

    So, in summary, have at it folks. Believe what you will, but don't take some of these jackwagons seriously. The Meto gauge is at 7 ft at Lonoke, needs to be at 13 to even start flooding. Check it out at

    Good luck the rest of the way and careful sifting through the BS. Here is to hoping this site crashes from today thru Jan 31st.
  12. THExONE

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    What makes you so sure that BDW is lieing? You do realize that there is water year round. Just because it isnt flooded doesn't mean someone can't kill a limit of ducks.
  13. bhunts

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    Wrong, there is not water year-round, but I suppose you already know that since you obviously frequent the area so much. The WMA just has its name from the Bayou Meto, it doesn't actually flow through it. Most if not all of the feeder sloughs are bone dry in fall and only hold water when the gates are dropped, but again I'm only telling you things that you already know since you must frequent the area so often.

    And I know BDW is lying since he has posted the same BS about ducks here ducks there in about 40 other threads. I just can't for the life of me figure out why people feel the need to do such a thing??? Did I miss the joke? Is it in someway funny? Am I too old and crusty in my robust age?
  14. THExONE

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    No I don't frequent the wma, only the outskirts in Alcorn. Water in the bayou and sloughs year round there. It's low but there is water.
  15. bhunts

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    You are correct, there is water in the Bayou Meto but only because of a series of dams in it that hold water back for irrigation. The sloughs in the WMA are intentionally drained to empty each year to prevent water from being on the trees. That makes it all the more difficult to catch up on water and flood in the fall but it protects them from damage.

    Sorry to call you out I have just had it with all the BS and misinformation on here. It's just made the site flat out worthless and represents all that is wrong in the duck hunting world. (Besides facepaint, duck call necklaces, etc.)
  16. THExONE

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    How did you call me out? Where did I say anything about water being in the WMA? The WMA wasn't mentioned until you got on here to rant.

    Maybe you need to be "called out" and reminded that there is more to BM than just the WMA so before you paint with your big ole brush you may want to think.
  17. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member there water or not?
  18. bhunts

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    Since you referenced a post referring to killing limits of ducks in Bayou Meto, which to 99.9% of people relate to the WMA and not the actual Bayou Meto, then I guess I need to get a smaller brush to paint the 0.1% who think of the bayou.

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about regarding this thread as it was referencing the WMA the entire time.
  19. THExONE

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    I know exactly what I am talking about. I was down there deer hunting last weekend. Had to take the john boat across the slough to get to one of my stands. If I am not mistaken the thread is about whether there is or is not water in BM. So I would say that I am spot on.