The Real Deadly Weapon that need ban!!!!

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    We were talking at deer camp over the weekend on this subject of banning the guns cause of all the deaths some say they are the cause of. I made the comment that drunk drivers account for far more deaths in the US each year than does guns. The reason I said this is because I have lost several family members & friends to drunk drivers over the years, but have yet lost the first love one due to gun violance. Some said I was worng, so today, when I got back in the world with info at hand I just looked it up. Guess what, I was right:

    By the info I found, guns death's in the US from 2006 thru 2010 were 47,856. That breaks down to an average of 9,572 per year, and the source of referance said that number has been on the decline over the past years.

    Now on the drunk drivers, the source said just in the "ONE" year of 2010, 32,885 people died in car crashes and of these, 10,228 were killed due to drunk, impared drivers behind the wheel of a car. That is 15% more death's each year from drunks in cars than by people shooting other people. That a crazy figure considering there is 10 times the number of firearms in the US today than there is auto's.

    Now, holding both items in the same standard, a gun no more kills someone than a car does. Neither, on it's own is deadly, but in the wrong hands they both are deadly, and as the numbers show, cars in the worng hands kill far more people than do guns.
  2. What's the difference between a drunk driver, a terrorist and a shooter at a mall or a school?

    Absolutely nothing. The last time I saw my daughter alive she was at the kitchen table having a snack. The next time she was dead on a gurney.

    I have as much use for a drunk or drinking driver as for a mad dog or terrorist.

    The trooper that came to the accident that took my daughter knew the drinking driver and his arm long record. He said he had absolutely no feeling or regard for the dead drinker because of all the misery he'd spread over the years. He looked at the dead drunk like you'd look at a dead skunk.

    I hate, not love, dui driving and drivers. If i see someone weaving on the road i'll call the cops in a second flat.

    If you're stupid enough to drink yourself senseless at least stay home and don't be a killer. Disease my butt, drinkers are the most selfish people on earth and drag misery wherever they go. I saw it growing up, thankfully not in my house, but in the homes of friends and relatives.

    My good friend Dale stone was shot to death at 15 when his drinking aunt and uncle got into a gunfight and Dale got caught in the middle. It's been over fifty years and I still miss that boy.

    Alcohol will never be banned but you can punish the drinkers that drive without licenses or insurance. Drinking is socially acceptable, guns are not. Our society gets everything backwards as usual.

    I was taught to shoot way back in the 50's and have yet to murder anyone after firing thousands of rounds.

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    i have allways thought they need to pass a law that if you get a dui are dwi that it should be a felony. and that person could no longer drive a car buy a car are own a car. no ifs ands are buts......................................
  6. Trouble is even after licenses are revoked, insurance cancelled, a drunk can still stagger out to a car with keys and drive away. This is what happened to us. I'm glad he died, saved me the trouble of shooting him. On this account God was merciful to me since the man killed himself in the wreck too. I hate to sound so hard but when your guts get ripped out it's not soft words that get thought or spoken many times.
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    Driving is a privilege, gun ownership is a right.
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    true but privileges just as rights need to be revoked when people are irrresponsible............
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