The Primary Reason HDN Left

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by octoberbuck, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Follow the MONEY!! LSU's booster club almost doubled their contributions in the last three years. Mississippi Stae had a tremendous raise in contributions. and on and on. Razorback Foundation has had a slow bleed over the last three years. The outlook was bleak for the future after the all of the discord. Arkansas contributions were a dismal 3rd from last in the SEC and going negative. Interesting read in the Dem Gaz this weekend.
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    With all the drama surrounding the program over the last few years is it any surprise that contributors were reluctant to give???

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    after back to back losing seasons i am surprised it did not drop more than it did.
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    Interesting points, but I'll always maintain that HDN didn't leave, he wuz FIRED. White concocted that rediculous story just to get Nutt out the door.
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    Money talks. Could it be that Broyles stayed so long is he could raise money?

    Yep! Agree. he was fired. My reasoning is he got notice just after the S Carolina game. He coached his you know what off to beat S. Carolina hoping to stave off the inevitable. Then he had his meeting. Tenn was next and he was lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. Thus the performance at TN where the game was basically given away as a non coaching event. After that Sexton gave him a call and told him if he did that again the only football job he could get him was running the wash after practice. "Stick it in their eye and I'll line you up with a comparable job because ------ is interested. Win out and you might even have a raise."

    Just my take at reading between the lines.
  6. There is no doubt that the coaching staff and players looked unprepared and looked like dead men walking against Tennessee. I think Nutt knew he was going to Ole Miss after the SC game. His mind was on anything but preparing the team and getting them ready to play.Just goes to show you that even with talented players it still takes a coach to prepare them and get 'em ready to play. Unfortuantely I think this was Nutt's greatest weakness in that he would have these lapses (or it would appear so) at least a couple of times a season and that is why he could not quite reach that next plateau that was needed. That is why he is gone and we have a new coach. If he could over come the lapses he would go from being a good coach to a great coach. I wish him well at Ole Miss except when they play us. I do know the older you get it is harder to break old habits.:wink: and I think the Ole Miss fans will see what I'm talking about.
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    cdl, very possibly a good diagnosis's of the problem with HDN.