The power of chapstick

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned so I thought I would share. My girlfriend and I went on an overnight backpacking trip this last weekend. We stopped to make camp and I started building a fire. Wondered around a little while, gathered up some wood and a little rich pine (couldn't find much rich pine around the edge of lake ouchita where we were camping). Get back to camp and make a fire ring. split the rich pine up and put it on top of the drier lint I brought with me, but I forgot to bring any petroleum jelly to roll the drier lint in.

    My girlfriend asked if I had any chapstick in my pocket. This time of year of course I did. She took it from me and put some on the lint and rolled it into a ball. I lit it and it burned awesome, turns out that chapstick is something like 60% petroleum jelly. Not a bad thing to have with you if you are stuck without much else to start a fire with. All else fells twist the tube completely out of the casing and put it under some tinder and light it. You will have a fire going in no time.

    Just thought I would pass that along to everyone. Never know when you are going to fall into the creek and need a fire to try to warm yourself up.
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    i never knew that. that is great information to know. thanks:up:

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    That is pretty interesting. I have found them to be great relief from bug bites. Rubbed some on a skeeter bite in a bad moment of desperation - worked like a charm.
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    I've heard its good for Hemorroids too.....For some reason nobody wants to ever borrow my stick!
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