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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by fchuck, Dec 26, 2010.

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    needing help im new to bow hunting and ive got the 3 pin sight set up on my pse.but im looking at geting a pendulum sight cause its more comfortable for me to look through my peep sight at one pin than 3 or 4,ive looked at all types but im leaning towards the hha dial sight.but my real question is once u mount this style sight i know you probly will have to adjust the left to right but does this single pin sight come outa the box to where all i gotta do is dial it to 20 yards and its their or how does this work.all help is appreciated:confused:

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    A pendulum has a pin that swings on an axle, A good one will compensate for distance from straight down out to 30-35 yds depending on the speed of the bow. It will only work on relatively flat ground. Most of them are sighted in on the ground, and then fine tuned from a tree stand. In my opinion if they dont have a short range adjustment screw they arent worth having. There is another thread here check it out.

  3. yeah, we are talking about that in the other pendulum sight thread. I ended buying the wife the one that was suggested on there. I will let you know how it works out for her when it gets in.
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    have yall ever seen those hha adjustable dial sights that i was metioning they look like the sight it self is stationary i read the other thread yall was talkn about on here its been helpfull
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    That's kinda what I am using now.. It's a Sight Master with a Impact fiber optic scope... Very bright I may add....
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    I have the HHA dial sight and I love it, I will not use anything else they are great.