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The Official 2023 Picture Thread

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Who's going to be the first to post in the new year of their 2023 catch? I'll vote for Dartonmav, or it could be one of the many crappie gurus.
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You lose your stringer??
Wasn't long enough.Lol..They are Tearing it up..
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Gonna have to get these guys an iPhone. It will
crop it for you if you just hold your finger down on the picture.

View attachment 389919
View attachment 389920
Will you get me one? Poor Folks got Poor Ways..
Hope you Grasshopper ain't using livescope and live Bait!!! Lol 馃槀馃槅
Oir lakes are Loaded with Kentucky Bass..and Walleye..
Fun to catch and Good eating..We think better than Crappie锟


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Original sassy shad 3 in on 3/8-1/2 oz Jig head..
We call it Dead sticking..
Drop it down in front of them hold still Bam...
We have lots of Timber and Big Rocks.use the spoon also..
Good Fishing..
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Same pic from last week?
Yep,Let's see yours...GWs watching....
Jackie has taken the green initiative very serious. He recycles everything, including pictures.
Yep, these Yellow Dog Democrats believe anything ...Voted for Obiden....
We Turn those little ones Back..Be Good ones next year...Hay... Ain't we seen those before ?
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When you post a pic of fish with your mug in it we鈥檒l talk.
Nope!!! Ain't falling for that Trick... Don't do Selfies....can I Borrow yours ?
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I believe the ones with a stringer in them then in the live well are his.
Borrowed them... Lolol 馃槀馃槀.. Y'all Demorats wouldn't know the Difference...Vote for anyone..
The Temps we're Cold!!
The Bite was Hot!!
Believe it or Not!!!
Fishing is like a Box of Chocolates
Never know what you will Get!!
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The Sky was Foggy.
The Fishing was Hot
This is what I caught.
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I win for best fishin partners
Yes You Do..,.... Winner Winner Fish Dinner.....
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View attachment 391514
had a little actions today鈥uick trip produced some nice fishes!
How do you like That Rod?
@jackie53 Is that a mean mouth?

How about the fish your holding?
SmallMouth..Hooked her Deep... Usually let them Go..
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You need some Metamucil Unc?
Nope!! Doc said I need more fishing therapy...And he Needs to go and see that I get enough.. Lol 馃槀馃槅
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