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    Christmas eve and Christmas day, as we spend time in our warm comfortable homes, I ask that you do one thing. Pause, take a moment to remember those young men and women in our armed forces that are far away from everything they know. Remember that we are able to be safe because of their sacrifice, remember the ones in the last 200 or so years that have faithfully answerd the call to arms. Remember the revalutionary soldier at Valley Forge, the union soldiers that sufered for a belief greater than themselves, the confederate that defended his homeland and his honor, the Soldiers and Marines that faught in the trenches of WWI, the allied forces that saved the world from tyrany and oppresion in WWII, the forgotten heros of the Korean are not forgotten. The neglected and abused Vietnam vets of a war we cannot forget. To the War Fighters of Iraq and Afganistan. Say a prayer for them. And for "peace on earth good will toward men". For no-one desires peace more than those who fight and die for it.

    Semper Fi,
    Tac :flag:
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    Well said my freind:thumb:

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    Well said. Merry Christmas! :flag: :flag:
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    Well said Sir, thank you for reminding us.
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    Thanks for the reminder, Merry Christmas to all:up:
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    Today and EVERY day!!!!

    I remember being deployed on Christmas.... how wonderful even the most simple of things were on that day!!!

    It's been a long time now and I have been blessed with many wonderful Christmas memories with family and friends but the ones I spent in the Middle East and Central America will always be the most favorable of my Christmas memories!!

    It was the first time I truly realized how richly blessed I was to have a family that loved and cared for me. How the Christmas dinners I was so accustomed to were actually feasts!!! And that not everyone had people who cared or gave the slightest **** about them! Christmas deployed was when I learned the TRUE meaning of the Spirit of Christmas!!!
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