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    I know this is asking a lot, but I haven't been to the meto in about 3 years and I thought about taking a friend who has never hunted flooded timber to hunt there on the closing weekend. Anyway, is there any certain area you would recommend? I don't want your secret spot, but a hole that has been ok in the past for you is kind of what I am looking for. You can send me a PM is you know a decent area. If I went, I would just be walking out through the woods not knowing where to go and might screw up some other guys which is not what I like doing. If I don't get any response, I understand. can't hurt to ask though. :thumb: Thanks guys.

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    Good luck finding water. I have heard that it has been draining for a while. I have only hunted there once - and that was about 8 years ago.. so I'm no help.

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    Yeah that's what I hear. I have another spot to go (that is not timber) if I don't get any help, but I would like to get one timber hunt in this year. :smack:
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    You got a PM:thumb:
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    also remember that in the past,the last weekend you can hunt Halllowell rest area
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    Go ahead, but I think I will stand on the levy and watch, the price of addmission is alot cheaper!!!!! The ticket to that event is a little steeper than my pocketbook can stand!!!!!:smack:




    All Commission-owned or controlled waterfowl rest areas are closed to access beginning November 1 of each year and will re-open to access the day after duck season ends.


    (1) Red Slough WRA within Dr. Lester Sitzes, III/Bois d’Arc WMA and Henry Moore WRA within Sulphur River WMA are open to archery hunting from October 1-November 11.

    (2) Pigeon Creek WRA within Cut-Off Creek WMA and Steve Frick WRA within Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA closes to access the day after the modern gun deer hunt and will reopen to access the day after duck season ends.

    (3) Johnson County WRA within Dardanelle WMA closes to access the day after the modern gun mobility impaired permit hunt and will reopen to access the day after duck season ends.

    (4) Dr. Lester Sitzes III/Bois d’Arc Lake WRA within Dr. Lester Sitzes III/Bois d’Arc WMA and the Nimrod/Lloyd Millwood WRA within Nimrod WMA are open for fishing and non-hunting access.

    PENALTY: $100.00 to $1,000.00.
  7. You can hunt all day on WMA's Jan 25-27. Page 51 2007-08 Ark Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook.
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    like i said it was closed last year , but the year before that you could hunt it. I would call the office for bayou meta to double ck.