The Messiah I mean President will be speaking to the nation from Connecticut

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Doug Hodges, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Its supposed to happen soon. They said in the next 30 minutes. I wonder what hes going to say.
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    yep it just came on great it's gonna screw up my football game...................:banghead:

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    What's he talking about?
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    He might as well screw up football, he's screwing up everything else.
  6. He just said He is going to use his power in his office to create change in the next few weeks. He said he will work with law enforcement and mental health workers to create this change.
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    I hope they focus that change on mental health.
  8. ME TOO., Im worried. Are we going to have another civil war. Wonder who will win. The people without guns or the ones who carry them/
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    I am not worried about civil war (it didnt happen when the othe ban was in place). But I did run out and buy some ar mags yesterday
  10. Maybe I need to delete my thread about my sks's. I think Im going to be real careful what I post on the internet.
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    I honestly thought he might declare martial law, and the UN was coming in to start de-arming

    Seriously ... I'm NOT a doomsday guy but this thing is snowballing and only law abiding citizens are being targeted
  13. You should be watching Msnbc right now. The bills are coming to ban the guns. I think the lady said it wont affect 91 guns but will all the rest. That has to be thousands of guns.

    Hopefully I heard that backwards
  14. I'm personally not in the mood to be targeted.
  15. Nor am I. Its almost every news station starting about gun control.
  16. They can blow and bluster, but the only way it can become law is if the Republicans in the House stab gun owners in the back. If that happens I pray that the GOP dies as a party.
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    You are right on the mark. I hope they don't cave to what we know is gonna be some serious pressure to pass some "feel good" law. I hate what happened with all my heart. Shooting kids in just unthinkable.... but to ban a few types of guns won't really help anything in my opinion
  18. I haven't been paying attention to what the media has been saying until tonight. Wow. What a bunch of idiots.
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    the Republicans are all that can fight for your 2nd Amendment Right now guys ......... makes some of you wish you could vote again this past election huh ?
  20. They'll play their games.....we'll buy guns.

    This nation cannot survive like this though....... urbanites and patriots are no longer compatible.