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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Down on the White, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Last night I reported that I was getting over 2k back this year but it is really 2,900.00.
    I get a call from the tax man this morning which is only the second time I have ever had to use one since I started at age sixteen.
    When I filled out my taxes last year the goverment was only going to owe me 300.00 dollars. They sent me a letter and said I made a mistake and I recieved a check for 1,600.00 dollars.
    This year they say I owe them from last year and they paid me TOO MUCH!!!! They are the ones who made the mistake like I said been doing my own taxes since sixteen never had the first problem but for one time.
    Only in the land of the free can something like this can happen.
    I try to live my life as honest and with the respect to others as I was taught but this is one time I really want to say the screw it.
    I am not going to lower myself to that point if I can help it I just had to let off a lot of steam. DW:soapbox: :banghead: :verymad:

    Oh you all have a very nice day I think I am done ranting.:wink:
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    I feel your pain. I somewhat had a similiar occurance but with the natural gas company. I moved locations in dec and called and cancel my service at the old location, and opened it at the new location. Well a month later I get two bills, one for the old and new locations. Evidently, they didn't get the part I specifically told them about cancelling my old service. So I paid for a months worth of use during the coldest part of the year and I didn't even get the use. It was their mistake, I remember clearly cancelling it, and they surely got the part about opening the new account at the new location. I told her I wasn't paying it, and she said thats fine, you don't have to pay it. I said but you will shut off my new location right? She said, we sure will. :smack:

    The owner of my old location, also never opened a account, he is a young guy and he thought the electric bill had the gas bill in it. :smack:

    I will never move again, this is just one of many mistakes that happened in my move. I think as of right now things are fine, but who knows.

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    You had better check with the IRS - including calling with the relevant information from the letter they sent. You need to work your way up the chain and figure out how the mistake was made in the first place.

    You need to also write a nice letter to your US Representative and Senators with the details of how you filed your taxes and the amount you figured for refund due, and how the IRS refigured your taxes and determined that they owed you more and sent a check. Then include a copy of your most recent letter saying you owe them for those same taxes.

    While your Rep or Senator may not be able to "fix" it, it will be acknowledged and recorded as yet another consumer complaint with the IRS.

    And you never know - they may be able to help you out... But if we don't lodge complaints when a government agency screws up, then they don't have the info needed to even think about fixing it.