The great trapping excursion of the 12-13 season

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by fisherman, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. fisherman

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    ttle fish and I are going to get to make a couple trips just for trapping the next 2 weeks.
    Leaving Christmas day to go to our deer camp, 2000 ac of clear cuts, pine thickets and a small river running right through the middle of it.
    Lots of cats seen during deer season, also plenty of yotes, fox and coon. river has otter and beaver.
    Planning on having traps out for 3 nights
    Week 2 will be on my uncles place, about 1000 ac, some pine thickets, lots of Pasteur, and 2 creeks, more otter and beavers here than at deer camp, but still plenty of cat, fox, coon and yotes.
    this trip will be a little longer, planing on setting traps on the 31 and have them out for 5 nights. I will be there on the 31 and 1 to help little fish get traps out and the 5 to help pull them, but the 2,3 and 4 he will be on his on.
    We have 4 doz #2s, 5 doz 1.5s 1 doz #4s, 6 220s and 6 330s
    If something moves it will step in something.
    The 2 sets we use are the stake set and dirt hole set.
    only way we know to catch beavers and otter is to blind set slides.
  2. Outdoors Our Way

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    Grab some feet and post some pics. Good Luck!

  3. blsmith2000

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    Sounds like a great time! Hope you catch a mess of em. Keep us posted!
  4. Houdini

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    Sounds like a blast.....

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!'
  5. GotPork

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    Sounds like there is LOTS of hair fixin to hit the ground!! Good Luck and lets see some pics when you get back!!
  6. hortonhunter

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    Sounds like a great time Cant wait to see the pictures :up:
  7. fisherman

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    Part one was a compleat bust, got to deer camp and here came the snow, got called back to work, didnt even get to put a single trap down.
    Part 2 off to a ruff start, got there and 12 in of snow still on the ground.
    Put some 330's out a got 1 beaver the first night and the next day it rained all day so didnt set any foot traps, creek came up a foot and all out 330's under water.
    New Years day we got all out 330's reset for the high water and 20 foot traps out, I had to come back to work today but Little fish is there for the week.
    Called him and he got a beaver last night also a skunk and a opossum, So in 8 days we have 3 beavers, 1 skunk, and 1 opossum:smack:
    Thats not very good, but looks like the weather is going to improve so mabey he will have a good rest of the week.
  8. fisherman

    fisherman Grand Member<br>2007 Bowhunting Contest Team Winne