The ghost cities of China-Estimated 64 Mill vacant homes and still building

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    Satellite images of China's billions and billions of dollars spent on development that has gone unoccupied. Whole swaths or empty developments, unrolling for what appears to be miles. Desolate city centers. Empty modern art museums. The largest mall in the world has now sat empty for nearly a decade now. Ordos has been vacant for years as well. Other "ghost cities" with little or no habitation.

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    Your link doesn't work.

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    Guess they had to find something to spend all the Billions in interest money they are making off the Trillions they have loaned the US!
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    A local explained the empty buildings in Zhengzhou to me when I asked about them last year. He said a lot of it is due to political corruption. A contractor can build whatever they want as long as they bribe the right officials. If they fall out of favor with the government, the government will stop construction and make the contractor wait (sometimes years) for new permits. I was near the area they showed in the sat photos one day, and it wasn't anywhere near empty. I bet if you took a sat photo of downtown LR on a Saturday afternoon a few years ago it would also look just a deserted.