The events in Newtown, CT and my struggles with faith

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    This morning at work, I scrolled through my Fox News app and read the initial headline that there was a shooting at a school in Connecticut. My initial reaction was that a punk kid came to school and shot a classmate, and nothing further was going on. As the story developed throughout the day, I quickly learned about what had actually occurred.

    What does todays tragedy have to do with my faith?

    In the past several years, I have drifted further and further away from any relationship with God. I can remember the exact day that I began questioning faith was during a deployment to Iraq when a fellow Marine was killed. My family recently made a visit, and my father and I began having a conversation about religion, and I told him flat out that I could not understand how a just God could allow such terrible things to happen to undeserving people. He could not give me an answer that was acceptable in my eyes.

    I do not ask God for favors, and I often chuckle (to myself) when people suggest that God has a plan for everyone.

    My first reaction to what happened today, to my surprise, was to pray for all of the children, moms and dads, whose lives have been destroyed. Although I felt it necessary to pray, my instant emotion was anger, mostly with God, so I refused to pray. I will admit that I have yet to pray.

    I post this because I think that somewhere deep inside me I still have faith in God, and I am looking for help in finding my faith. Can anyone explain to me why God would let something like this happen?
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  2. The world is filled with evil and cursed by sin. Evil people, acting in conscious or unconscious rebellion toward God, do evil things. They can do the most horrific acts as easily as one might steal an extra newspaper from the vending box. What we often fail to understand from our perspective is that to God both are sins. When God "lets" these things happen, it is for the same reason he would let someone lie, steal, or cheat on their spouse. If God did not permit people to choose to do evil, then any good we may do, any honor we may give Him would be meaningless. We can not be what He created us to be if we are merely puppets on the end of His string. To be created "in God's image" is to have free will to choose good or evil.
    The shooter chose to do what he did. In order to allow us to have free will, he must have it too. In the scope of eternity the killers acts are less than they now seem. He robbed those children of seven or eight decades of this mortal life. They still have eternity yet to come.

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    I think I am failing to see how any good deed or praise given to God can be worth the lives of 20 innocent children.
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    Read the chapter of Job. God "allowed" so much to happen to him & he still was faithful. When something happens it doesn't mean that God doesn't love everyone involved.
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    I can fully understand the question that falls into the category of why does God allow bad things to happen to good people, I understand because I too have asked this very question, as have many others. I won't try to pretend that I have the complete and simple answer but there are some things that I do know for sure. I know that these sweet, little, innocent children are all with the Lord now and are happier than they have ever been. I know that God loves the parents and family members of these children, and all mankind more than we can humanly comprehend. Why? Because he willingly gave his Son to die a terrible, cruel death in order to redeem those who have hated him. He knows the feeling of heart-break.

    The truth is, we live in a fallen, evil world that for the most part has chosen to follow Satan and enjoy the worldly pleasures he provides rather than submit to the one true God who created them and loves them. There are circumstances to sin. Sin is more dreadful than we can ever realize while here on this earth, yet man chooses it for himself and many innocent people must pay the price. Could God save every innocent person from hurt and death such as the tragedy witnessed today? No doubt, he could have, but for his own reasons, which I don't pretend to know, he chose not to today. Could it be that he will use the deaths of these poor little innocents to awaken the hearts of many lost, hardened sinners that they may be saved finally? Could he use tragedies such as this to awaken a whole Nation to the very fact of sin and evil? Could he use such tragedies as this to help awaken even his own people to sincere prayer and intercession for the condition we find this world in? Maybe so. Whatever His reasons, He is in control and even though there is much suffering in the here and now, He will make all things right to His own Glory. The question is, who will step out in faith and put their trust in Christ so that they may take part in His glory when time here is finally over. The very fact that you are now thinking about God as a result of this tragedy is a proof that He is, indeed, reaching out to you personally. I pray you will allow Him to show you the truth of His love and that you may become a partaker of Jesus Christ and be born anew by the Spirit of God.
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    Very well said CBD! I was thinking the same while reading this.
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    Struggled with this when a longtime friend lost their oldest daughter. She was eight. Her little sister summed it up. God was ready for her to be an angel.

    If Heaven is the reward we strive towards, it's an early reward and not a punishment. It's those of us left here that suffer.

    Today became the worst nightmare for 20 sets of parents and grandparents. I pray each knows their child is doing much better than they are.

    Your Faith is there. You turned to prayer because its there. Have that prayer and listen for the answer.

    When I hit my lowest and screamed in pain, anger and rage, He answered. We may try to let go of Him, but He never let's go of us.
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    I know that because of my faith, I have to trust. Scripture instructs us to be grateful for trials and tribulations so that we may become perfect and lacking in nothing. Also to continually give thanks for all things. How can we be grateful for such a tragedy? Or for the loss of your buddy? Tragedy is difficult to deal with. What I have learned is that only God can turn a bad thing into a good thing. Through this tragedy how many will turn to God and ask why? Who will be watching the families of the victims and see His grace at work in those lives? My faith knows that all things good or bad are for the purpose of revealing the Glory of our Heavenly Father. FAITH is TRUST that God is in control of everything and uses it for His purpose. This kind of faith comes from a lifetime of observation, experience and faith. It will never be easy because it isn't supposed to be. Prayers for you to have the experience of GRACE in this matter. Also for all involved in this awful tragedy.
  9. God does not control man. He has given men a free will. A will to do good or evil. Before I was saved I did both good and evil, with the majority being evil. Oh, I killed no one, or beat up old ladies, but I was a blue ribbon sinner.

    After God revealed himself to me - outside of church walls or the influence of men if that makes any difference - I no longer had the desire to sin on a regular basis. Oh I screwed up sure enough on a regular basis, but my heart had been changed by him so that I didn't want to practice the sin I had formerly practiced on a daily basis.

    Evil fills this world and evil fills mankind, but God can change whosoever will and then their desires change. They are indeed born again and become a new creature in Christ. Every man, including you, is given a measure of faith. Whether you use it or not is up to you. Free will. Use it or lose it as the saying goes.

    Living alone as my wife and I now have to do has forced us to totally depend on God. My wife is disabled and not able to sit through church. We have always been loners and forced it seems to be alone. Does God love us less? I think not.

    When our daughter Joanna was murdered by a drunk driver I felt for awhile that God could not be trusted at all. He foretold me of her coming on Wednesday, June10th, 1981, about 10 months before her birth on March 23rd, 1982. How could God tell me of this and then take her, or allow her to be taken after telling me she was coming?

    It's too big for me to understand. God made Joanna a very wise child. She knew, and I mean knew the Lord way before she was five. She could read anything at all by three Years of age, including the KJV of the Bible. She might stumble over a word like Nebuchadnezzar, but she could read and understand. She was fifteen when the drunk driver took her life.

    Once when about four she stated that she knew why God made the devil. Amazed, we asked "why darling"? "He wanted to see who we would follow" was her simple answer.

    The man who killed all these people chose to listen to the voice of Satan. The man who killed my daughter listened to the voice of Satan.

    Have you ever walked into an emergency room to see your beautiful daughter lying dead on a gurney? In truth I was able to say "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord". Even as a Christian I thanked God that the man responsible for Joanna's death died also.

    I felt such hate for him I knew that if he hadn't died I would have no problem killing him. None whatsoever. He killed my daughter, himself and his own twenty something year old daughter in that wreck. He was an evil man and murdered with his evil. I felt a cast away for feeling this by the way. My faith, which seemed non-existent, caused me to pray for help and strength. God knew how I felt. You can't con God.

    We, like those pitiable souls in Connecticut, were forced to join the club we didn't want to join, the club for parents of murdered children. It makes you a outcast, people avoid you dice they feel of could rub off on them in some way. I've always been on the outside and not a back slapping crowd pleaser, so I had a good head start.

    We were married for 14 years before God sent us any children. The doctors said we couldn't have any but Jesus said we could. I miss her horribly but I have to believe through faith, that the great creator knows better than I what to do in every case. I will see her again.

    Who is a greater sinner and the more evil, a man who kills with a gun or a drunk who kills with his car? They are the same. They are carrying out their will, the will of the flesh, of natural man and not the will of God.

    For those that drink and drive please stop before you murder someone's child or loved one. Shoot them with a 9mm or kill them with a car it's the same. They are just as dead and their loved ones are just as devastated. This is the truth.

    God won't make you pray, it's your free choice but prayer does change things. God does step into situations through prayer. I've seen him do great things through prayer in even my small restricted experience. Save lives, send help, heal disease, open barren wombs like my wife's, bring wounded sheep like you and I back to his care.

    I assume you are a Christian but do not know your heart. Are you baptized with the Holy Spirit? It is life changing. I pray that God touch you and increase your faith. Please pray the same for me.

    It's OK to try and stop evil. Jesus said it was the greatest love of all to lay down your life for your brother. After listening to some of the teachers describe how they hid and protected their students I know they would have laid down their lives for them. This is agape love, God love. God does not condemn you, it is Satan and your own natural mind that practices this.

    If you choose to see nothing but the evil in every thing then you will make a great error. In the midst of evil, which will abound until Christ reigns in person here on earth, there is always good, like those teachers caring for the kids.

    Not a day goes by that I do not think of my beautiful daughter and all I never got to see. Her achievements, marriage, children. Often I am devastated since her heart was so like mine. Like Jacob who was crippled by God I too am now crippled. I am forced to depend upon him for everything. I mean everything. It would take volumes to describe all we've had to trust him for through faith. I do not think your faith is gone, you need to exercise it like an atrophied muscle.

    I have no choice but to cling to Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashia. Where else can I go? Where else can you go? He is all there is. He is alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.

    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. So can you.
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    Not saying that this was Gods work, but there has been an overwhelming amount of positive response people dont realize. So many people in our country or talking about how much they now cherish their families an kids. How they are goin to go home and love on their kids and appreciate all the time they have together.
    So just saying, this could be looked at as in those lives lost have made a bigger impact for they greater good on so many more lives.
    God bless the parents and relatives of the lost lives. My those lives lost rest in peace.
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    Its so hard for us to understand how can a loving Father stand silent while innocent little babies are so savagely murdered. The question most are asking is where was God? The answer is He was in the same place when HIS Son was so brutally murdered. Mankind has fallen so far into sin even after our punishment was paid in full by Jesus Christ. My prayer is that the survivors don't turn to artificial answers for their pain but turn to God someone who has been there and knows what its like when your child is murdered. I hope that you find your peace with God because I can say from experience that is the only real peace and hope out there.

  12. If there is anything that proves the existence of God it is the combat record of the USMC.
  13. Sorry if my answer was a bit incoherent. What I was trying to get to is that if God did not allow evil, then there would be no real good either, only puppets dancing on His string. He created us to be more than that, to have the capacity to choose.
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    written by a shepherd, poet, musician, warrior, king and sinner

    Psalm 23

    New International Version (NIV)
    Psalm 23
    A psalm of David.

    1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
    he leads me beside quiet waters,
    3 he refreshes my soul.
    He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
    4 Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,[a]
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

    5 You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
    You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
    6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in the house of the Lord
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    Worth the read.....
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    anger with God why?

    This Earth was, is, by and large released from anything "Godly". This is Satan's realm, he rules and he WILL rule until Christ returns. That is the plan, that is the way of it ........ God, in my mind, stepped back and said I've given you all a choice, you can choose freely now.

    God CAN step in for people of great faith for some things, some times I think ........ but it is rare, miracles are rare.
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    The only thing I can say is, if we only could see the big picture. God is in control.
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    I'm with you OP. I'm struggling with this also. I hear everyone screaming that God gives us free will, but I have a hard time squaring that concept with the statement "God has a plan for us all." Was it God's plan for that kindergardner to bleed out on the floor of her kindergarden classroom? Was it in God's plan for that evil man to place his sites on innocent child after innocent child and slay them? How can he have a plan for us all and still abide by the concept of free will.

    I understand perfectly well that evil surrounds us and has since the beginning of the human race, but these things make me question the control that God has.
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    I thought God basically set this Earth free for Satan to corrupt ... and in time, for Jesus to return and take it back ?
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    My faith lies in the Sovereign of the Universe, by and through Jesus Christ, who omnisciently controls the actions of all His created order. I must not lean upon what I think God to be in my own finite mind but must trust in His claims as dictated in His holy Word. In it I have learned that He formed me in the womb, and has planned my steps before the world ever knew me or I it. He did not seek out my will before He formed me to what I think my destiny should be; nowhere in Scripture do I find I have in myself the ability to bring my dead sinful soul to His throne. It is all by His grace through faith alone, and this not of anything within me...but only through His Sovereign predestinating will. Therefore my soul lies in total submission to the One who controls all things at all times, and whatever He so chooses to do works to the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

    If one molecule in all of creation works outside the will of God, then He ceases to be God.