The dead sea??

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by pd2, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. pd2

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    I had the opportunity to take my nephew out this morning to see if we could do a little meat hunting. We have not seen a deer yet. The last three-four weeks have been like this in our area. Usually this time of year a corn feeder is popular no matter what time of day.

    I guess I need to invest in a game camera and see just what is happening to the corn.

    Anybody else having this type of luck?
  2. ksf04001

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    Man i hear you, ive been hunting pretty hard all week and have only seen 2 does and they were out of range. We have pictures on our camera but 90% of them are at night. Last year at this time it was an almost certainty to sit on a stand and see 20 or 30, but this is how my whole season has been this year i dont know whats wrong.

  3. woodsnwater

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    I am 1st user of a trail cam.. All my pics are early in the am.. I had one pic of a spike shortly before I got there. I must have spooked him. I got a pic of a old doe I want to take out and also a 6pt ( or 7pt.) along with 2 different spike. I am going hunt it tomorrow after noon and another spot in the morning. I like my cam. It'll give more ideas what they are doing. I think I set my date wrong. Gonna check it tomorrow.
  4. I have been getting over 2000+ pics a week and in three weeks I did not get one day time pic. FINALLY today when I checked the cam I had two days that had daytime pics. They are some corn eating machines at night here lately.
  5. ptf189

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    Can any one say full moon.
  6. dsmtuner1

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    x2 I seen 8 does and 1 buck on public land Christmas Eve from 1-2 in middle of day.
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    I seen the subject dead sea and thought you were talking about Greers Ferry:smack:
  8. austincrutchfield

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    well since Dec 23rd i havent been huntin but will be startin this evening. Checked camera and have over 200 pics of deer and every picture except for 2 is in daylight, 3 different does, 2 spikes and a decent 6 point. Most pics are in the morning around 7:15-7:30 a few middle of the day pics between 12-1 and some more between 5-5:30
  9. went thursday afternoon and saw 1 doe with 2 fawn. friday morning i saw 4 bucks, one good buck hunkered down with a doe in crp. she wasnt getting away. saw 14 total deer by 930 am. all my cameras are getting some daytime activity, tons of night movement on corn. but all the deer i saw in the mornign time was coming from a wheat field a long long ways away, then bedding in crp. few scapes being cleaned out. Arkansas county.

    i think moon has little to do with arkansas deer. since they are already 99% nocturnal. a night time deer is going to move during the night no matter what moon phase