The day my nocturnal buck wasn't nocturnal....

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    So many of you read my thread from early October in the bow hunting forum about a deer I was hunting hard that was nocturnal. Lot of good advice on there a d I headed a lot of it.

    I hunted him hard in spurts when the time and wind was right. Really tried hard to not leave any scent behind ever even running cameras and tried not to over hunt the area. Felt like it was his sanctuary and when he started moving during the day for does he would visit here first.

    Well my patience was growing thin and this morning I had a pretty good 8 for my camp pushing a doe around and I shot him. Passed this deer a lot w the bow and mzl waiting on the big 10, but not today.

    Then we went back out tonight had both my boys with me and we were having a great time talking and watching and at 430 he came busting out head doe on the same trail from the 8 this morning. It happened quick and it was a short track and all 3 of us were like kids on Christmas. Amazing to take a deer you put a lot of effort into and even better when my boys were there with me like they have been every step of the way. Great day in the woods and I thank the Lord for it!

    Couple pics of the 8 and the 10 point we named Spook


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    Congratulations on two fine bucks! What county you hunt in if you don't mind me asking?

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    Congratulations!! Great buck !
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    That's AWESOME! I had read the other thread because I too have really benefitted from the advice and knowledge of the folks on this forum. How cool that you were able to get this guy...and share the experience with your kids.
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    Thanks all, here are a few of the before pictures too.

    20171018_192733.jpg 20171014_172105.jpg 20171014_171916.jpg
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    Congrats, both are great bucks.
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    Congrats! Very nice buck !!
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    Congrats! Two nice bucks, and it’s awesome that you finally got your 10 after all that effort.
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