The best PETA rally pic EVER

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by mwmwbm, Dec 10, 2012.

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  3. I feels like chikin' too-nite!!

    What kind? I'll have extra tortured please!
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    Bahahaha! Got a problem?! Lol
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    Heck ya, water boarded chickens are much juicier.
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    anybody else think that guy holdin the sign is staring at that chicken awlful hard. he is hungry:fit:
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    I never heard of range free chickens or whatever they're called? Went on a camping trip with one of my wifes friends and they had some kind of chicken eggs that were stress free or something of that nature. I got to asking what in the hell they were talking about and they mentioned something about chickens getting their beaks broke off and all sorts of stuff. They went on and on about how they were stress free while I was laughing at them the whole time. Took an egg out of the carton and threw it on the ground! Asked them what they thought it felt now. Won't be going on another trip with them EVER!
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    That is a funny picture!! I really did make me LOL!
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    me too. I just keep lookin at it and laughin
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    I herd on the radio this morning that some peta folks showed up at a biker rally to protest something. They said that one of the peta supporters ended up gagged and duct taped to a tree. It was on the missing links this morning on the Cory and jay show. I haven't figured out how to post links with this phone yet or I would put it up for y'all. Maybe someone who knows how to do that could hook us up?
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    General Tso's chicken is free ranging. It won't stay couped up long...
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    It sure wont but its some kinda good !!!
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    Yea that's some good stuff!
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    I'm sure they mind...