The best girlfriend in the world!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by arc3162, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I have by far the best girlfriend in the world!

    I went out coon hunting tonight. Drove in on a forest service road up on top of one of the mountain foothills close to my house overlooking one of the watershed lakes. Put the dogs out and walked them into the woods part way down the hill. Didn't hit on a thing for at least half a mile walking side hill. I decided to take the dogs down to the bottom of the hill around the edge of the lake see if a coon had been out feeding at the lakes edge. So we get to the lake and nothing still, I decide to hit the patch of woods and follow up the creek inlet to the lake. Get a ways up the creek and one of my dogs hits and away we go. She put a big bore coon up a little sweetgum on the other side of the worst blackberry patch I have ever seen. So I make it through the blackberry patch and shoot the coon out on the dogs. Starting to be a better night, but now I am on the wrong side of the blackberry patch from my truck. So I decide to work my way on down the creek and try to find a better place to get through it. It just got worse and worse and worse. I decide to keep going and try to hit another track. Dog hits and away we go again. Before I know it she is across the creek and treed in the edge of a field. I make my way across the creek and to the dog. Get that taken care of and decide to call it a night. Look at my GPS and I am 3 miles from my truck. However, I am only about 3/4 mile from the highway (not the highway I came in on). So I call my girlfriend, her and the kids are up making cookies, and ask her if she will come pick me and take me to my truck. She says sure no problem and heads out. Picks me up and takes me and my dogs back to my truck without me having to go back through the creek, the blackberry patch around the lake and back up the hill to my truck. God I love that woman!

    Just thought I would share my night with you and let you all know that I have a wonderful girlfriend who takes great care of me!:up::up::up::up:
  2. Catfish898

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    Sounds like a keeper.

  3. buckhorn

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    There are still a few good ones out there. Glad you found one!!
  4. tracytqrc

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    I've heard it said that the best ones will get lost with you.::

    just kidding! If she came out in the middle of the night, without nagging you, you better keep her around for awhile.
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    I'd say your right! Not a lot of women like that.
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    They do that kinda stuff until you start calling them wife. Must be something about the title that makes alot of them mean.