The Bayou Meto Monster

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by CrappieMaster220, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. CrappieMaster220

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    I put out several deer cameras at Bayou Meto this year, collected all the images Friday afternoon... There are a bunch of pictures with this in it... Even in the flooded areas...

    Just so everyone knows, you might want to wait until daylight to get in those woods... A duck may not be worth your life!

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    This picture is getting old....but.......he might be a better duck hunter than some of the yahoo's over there!!!:whistle:


    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    As I was walking across dry land to get in the flooded timber I heard something walking along side me this morning. I stopped a couple times and shined my very weak LED flash light in the direction the walking was coming from and didn't see anything. I had left my gun in the boat and all I had was my pocket knife. If this was the creature lurking along side me in the timber, he was prolly just looking for something warm to wear, cause I was cold in all my gear. Poor thing prolly gonna freeze to death.
  4. bloody acorns

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    That Guy

    He blows a DFB - never hunts with spinners and has the fastest boat, doesn't shoot woodys either

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    I'll let him hunt with me any time if he will walk in early and get the hole of my choice. I have alot of nice warm gear and waders to keep him warm on the freezing nights.
  6. I'm confused. All I hear is " get to MY hole early" . I thought that we ALL paid taxes on these wildlife managment areas in our great state. So if I'm not mistaken your hole is my hole and we can all hunt there if we want to. That means no need to race, cuss or fight. Just gonna run your blood pressure up.

    SKEETER Well-Known Member

    NE AR

    Yes you are mistaken, because its my hole.:whistle:
  8. Hud_AthensArcher

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    X 1,000,000. I couldn't agree with you more. :up:
  9. dirtdart

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    That's not a monster! Somebody else told me he saw that thing in the spring.

    Said it was some guy from LR who's been on his hands and knees since last fall looking for blood sign from a buck he shot.

    Was using a light arrow and mechanical broadheads.

    Just can't face his hunt'n buddies again till he finds it.
  10. Ryan_289

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    Here we go again:pot:
  11. YellanMan

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    If I get there before you or anyone else, it is my hole for the morning. Ususally our group is too big already so there is not gonna be any room for anybody else. Go find your own hole, for the morning.
  12. Gemini2281

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    Don't you know that speed means EVERYTHING!? Those guys shooting properly spined arrows are just a slave to the myth of kinetic energy.
  13. Gemini2281

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  14. dirtdart

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    Hey man. Next time I'm home we're gonna have to go spend some range time. I've got a couple of old beat up rifles you would probably enjoy shooting.
  15. cuppedup

    cuppedup Well-Known Member

    Pimp, that's gotta be what I saw in the Moro bottoms that morning:eek:
  16. arduckhunter84

    arduckhunter84 Well-Known Member

    I saw him the other morning he came walking through my hole and wanted to know if he could have a cup of cofee and a lite for his cigarette.
  17. waterfowl widowmaker

    waterfowl widowmaker Active Member

    i think thats my buddy i lost out there three years ago.....he has lost some weight
  18. ace777

    ace777 Well-Known Member

    he would come in handy when people start crowding ya. just send him over to tell them they are too close.:fit::fit::fit::fit:
  19. hey thats odd seen him in cabot riding a gorilla while drinking a pbr :head::head: :censored: he moves around alot
  20. xtremebowhunter

    xtremebowhunter Well-Known Member

    kinda resembles my exwife:head: