Texas rigged decoys?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by hoghead, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Does anyone use these? Which is th best Mojo, riggem rite, or docs huntin stuff? Im thinkin bout doin every decoy I got this way, looks like a simple way to take up a spread fast!
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    I have both rig'em right and Doc's. I like the Doc's a lot better than the other because when you go to pick up your decoys the loop you hook to you D-ring to is right there at the top of the string. You can pick them up without getting your hands wet. The rig'em rights the loop is at the bottom so you have to pull the whole string up to hook it:down:!

  3. I don't own but have used both Doc's and Rig Em Rights.

    The Rig Ems are about 5-10 bucks cheaper and have line lengths set in feet. You can get three feet, four feet, five feet, etc.

    Doc's has different lengths, such as 2 1/2 feet, four feet, etc.

    Doc's has the bottom loader bag which is definitely a plus. I also prefer the clear plastic line on Doc's over that of the RERs because they don't tangle as much.

    With that said, I was leaning myself towards the RERs because I liked the line length better and also saving the money. I don't plan on buying Doc's special bag although it would be nice. The post-Christmas money doldrums have hit in full force.

    Both Doc's and RERs are Texas Rigs and they are essentially the same thing.

    Gander carries RERs and Mack'sPW carries Doc's. Just an FYI.

    Hope this helps.
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    texas rigs

    my buddy bought the docs from macks late last year...they are pretty dang awesome...but they cost way too much in my opinion...so i did a little research and found a supplier for these guys that make 'em...the company is called SNL Corp...google the name and check out their website, i bought precut 48 inch 400 lb test mono and the crimps from them...i had enough line and crimps to do 200 decoys...then i just used my old weights and made me up a couple carabiners using carabiners and bobbers from walmart...exactly the same rig to the T and i have a total of about 45 bucks in doing all 200 decoys...definitely the way to go if you dont mind putting them together which only took me a couple hours while watchin some duck huntin videos!!! hope it helps, but definitely no better way to pick up and put out decoys, especially if you are doing big spreads :up::up:
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    My decoys have a string 3-4ft long tied on the bottom with a lead weight on the other end.Don't know how that is rigged but thats how I do it.:shrug:
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    I have the rig em rights but have also used docs. before i bought the rig em rights, i made my own out of weedeater line. I had problems with the weights not having big enough holes and when you go to drill them out, they bind. Also i had little tag ends which tangled. Also, when it was all said and done, it was only a buck or 2 cheaper than the rig em rights. SO ge the rig em rights, they are a lot nicer on 18 degree morinings.
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    We decided to save some money and make our own. We used steel pipe cut into small pieces, h.d. weedeater string, and crimps. Didn't use the swivels thought it would be a distraction. Weedeater string doesn't get knotted or tangled and it's strong.

    Just like RER. So far they have worked very well. I like to support companies and buy there product but times can be tough. $12.00 instead of $50.00 a dozen.
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    got the texas rigs by mojo and love them. but watch out in the fields if you still have them all together and drag them trough youll end up with a lot of grass/rice/corn stubble this makes it harder to set up but great investment:up:
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    wal-mart 200-400lb test mono, some crimps, and some egg weights done 2 dozen for about 6 bucks

    i now use flambeau/feather light floating foam shells rigged the same way, you can carry 2-4 dozen in the same bag a dz regular dekes will fit in and it still weighs only about 3lbs
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    RigmRight's here. easiest set up. love to toss the decoys around with percision. never used the Doc's they sound good but i like to save $. ill stick with whats working.
  11. I say your a purdy smart dude !!:up: Not a bad deal there .
  12. I'll havta agree 100% ,but I'd like to add go ahead and pay 50.00 for the bag because a standard bag doesn't work good for the gang . I have the gang drops also they are nice too .
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    Agree! :thumb:
  14. Weights?

    Checked out their site. Looks good. Didn't see the egg sinkers for sale on the duck rigging part of the site. Where'd you get yours? From what I can tell, if anyone homemade their Texas Rigs they'd be out the most money on the 4 oz. egg sinkers.

    Also, everyone, there's a guy on Craigslist out of Benton that is selling 1 dozen 4 foot drop RigEms (homemade) for $22. I thought about getting a couple dozen from him.
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    where yall gettin this 200-400 lb mono from? our wal marts only carry 50lb, wouldnt mind biulding me some, but i refuse to pay that much for them
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    I went to a local bait shop and bought weights and used tarred nylon and improvised mine. They have been great so far. Only problem is with the lake lines.. just gets too long to keep well managed.

    And if ya make your own and hand tie the knots insted of crimps make sure you trim the tag end very very close!!!! Otherwise you run into one big headache in teh dark of getting the lines seperated right off the carabiner.

    Something else to consider if you make your own. When you hook up try to hook up with the weight between the deke and the carabiner, if you don't the weights go free-willy and can get to be a real pain in the arse!!! FIL "helped" me pull dekes one morning and when I went to get them out of the boat I had a MESS!!!! Had to cut a bad tangle out and re-rig.

    Still better than wrapping them up and such everytime we set-up. As far as bags go, Cabela's has some pretty nice decoy bags on sale for $5. I took two of these and cut a hole at the bottom and I just run the carabiner through it and pull the dekes up into the bag and hang em that way.
  17. If you wanna make your own rigs check out these sites for all of your needs. :thumb:

    4 oz. egg sinkers in a 5# box for $23.25. Makes 20 rigs.


    Decoy line (2.0mm) precut at 48 in. lengths--200 pieces for $8/bundle


    Also at SNL, 550 yrds of 2.0 mm decoy line for $31/coil. Makes 30 rigs with 4 1/2 ft line.

    Also at SNL, 100 crimps for $6.50/box (100 pieces), which should be good for 50 dekes with a crimp at both ends.

    This is in bulk (cheaper) and should be all you need to make your own Texas Rigs. Good luck. :up:
  18. madduck87

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    i did....and no complaints