Texas Hog hunt

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  1. Challenger

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    I'm off work until Jan 3rd and going to TEXAS to bow hunt Hogs a little south of Dallas. This is a night hunt. We have to walk a half mile in tall grass to the woods. Going into the woods: not so bad walking out in the tall grass at 1am is a rush.:hair: last year i missed a good hog and seen a monster he was about 3.5 foot tall. He was coming into the corn then my cousins phone went off:smack: scaring off the hogs. :banghead: Hope to have a better ending this year. Everything moves at night!!!
  2. Tony Harris

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    Good luck, stick a big one.

  3. Carver

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    Ive got family down that way. There are lots of hogs down that way. Hope you have good luck!
  4. x2 :thumb:
  5. Challenger

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    Just picked up a Primos 100yard spot light. It fits on my stabilizer and and works great. only 69.00$. The red light is very bright and tight at 20 yards. It gets a little dem at 75 yards but still good enough for a gun shooter.
    It works off a 6 volt rechargeable battery.I will let you know if it works on the hogs.:up: