Texas Ditch Surfing

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by bett_lou, Jan 4, 2008.

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    The shallow end of the gene pool.

  3. Jed A

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    As much as I want to make fun of them, if I was there I'd probably join in.
  4. Down on the White

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    I remember all the foolish times grabbing on to car bumpers and hitching a ride up town skating on the snow and ice.:smack:
  5. Jed A

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    I remember cutting a side out of an orange road barrel and tying the handle to a towstrap behind a truck for a sled on the snow and ice.

    This reminded me of that because once the barrel slid off of the road and was on a ditch like that on top of the ice until it broke through and dumped the guy riding on his back in about 2 feet of 20 degree water. I thought it was funny, him not so much.

    RAMBUSTER Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    yeeeeeeee....haaaaaaaaaa one more time buba!!!
    :fit: :fit:
  7. TheBattman

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    Those guys are whimps. Around here, the "sport" is called Redneck Waterskiing, but it is done in real road ditches (more like farm canals). They use an ATV or pickup truck, a length of rope, and a pair of old water skis or similar.

    The ditches around here they use are from 1-6 ft (or more) below the road surface, and have anywhere from a foot to 5 ft. of water in them.

    I had a student several years ago (I would definitely say he could qualify for "super redneck" distinction) who was redneck water skiing and about lost his legs below the knees when he hit a culvert. busted both knees pretty badly...I think he needed surgery to put at least one of his knee caps back on the correct side of his leg!

    I kept telling them that they were competing for a Darwin Award... they thought that was cool....:smack:
  8. Farm Canal, one water ski, a ski rope, a Honda 3 wheeler, a case of pony millers; three high schools kids :biggrin:

    If these things combined bring back memories for you, you are a REDNEK. :thumb:
  9. reflex1

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    But didja notice - none of em had a beer in their hand! :rolleyes:
  10. xtremebowhunter

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    Was gona say they could be some of Rjet's kin, but after your no beer coment I'm having second thoughts :head: