Testosterone therapy

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ranger362, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. ranger362

    ranger362 Well-Known Member

    Have been diagnosed with low T by epic health in Conway. I pretty much feel terrible all of the time. Trying to figure out if I want to go through with shots to hopefully make it better. All opinions on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I’m kinda on the fence about it.
  2. claytonsdad

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    It made a real difference in several areas of my life. Sleep better, feel better, more energy. Done properly I think it's a positive thing. They can train you and you can give yourself the injections. It's often only every week or two. PM me if you have specific questions I might be able to help with.

  3. ArkGirl

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    Did they run general bloodwork as Well? CBC, chemistries etc? It's good to be sure that the low testosterone is the only issue there.
    If you go with the therapy I hope it works well for you!
  4. ranger362

    ranger362 Well-Known Member

    They ran blood work on my first visit. Going back next week for round two and have consultation with a dr. I’m just hesitant because I know nothing about it.
  5. No-till Boss

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    JMO, but I would only take that advice from my personal physician. Do your research on the matter....
  6. John Stiles

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    Did you ask about low T? Or suggest that might be the problem, and then they diagnosed it?
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  7. paxcolt

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    ^This. Places like Epoch are likely going to diagnose you with low-T because, well, they make their living treating low-T. I'd get a second opinion from your PCP before starting injections. There are plenty of ways to increase your testosterone levels (diet, exercise, vitamins, lifestyle changes) that you should try first before going the injection route.
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  8. ranger362

    ranger362 Well-Known Member

    I’m for sure going to ask the dr a lot of questions. They are supposed to be associated with the Arkansas urology clinic. I have dealt with them in the past so I know they are legit. My daughter is a physicians assistant and is going to look at my blood work results before I make any decisions. I had planned on getting a second opinion already. Just wondered if anyone else had dealt with them or had the same problem.
  9. chubs

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    I too was also diagnosed with low T by epoch health in LR a few years back. After consulting with my primary doc, I decided against it. Main reason is, I'm not terribly sure injections over the long haul is sustainable.

    As mentioned, if you go to your primary care physician, he's going to tell you, lose weight, exercise, etc.

    Along with the sustainability, my concern was if you ever do stop the injections will your boys continue on. My doc's stance was if you supplement your boys production, your boys will quit....then once you stop, they will not start back.