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  1. Coach B reached out to Tenpenny. He said he loves the style of offense he runs. Says he has interest in Arkansas now. Will visit in January. Look for him to decommit from Alabama and become a hog. Coach told Rome today that the in state recruits reaction has been off the chart. This is the best possible hire we could have gotten. I get more excited every day.

  2. New coach like big meals, good line play, and has a too young blonde wife.

    If I'd known that is what they were looking for I'd sent in a resume.

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    I heard just the opposite, Tenpenny reached out to him. Either way, good deal!
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    go to 'Bama and sit for 2 years maybe before playing lead dog .... go to Arkansas and be lead dog immediately

    Ball was developed pretty good wasn't he? If I had a stud RB kid, AR would be more attractive than AL to me for personal/career development reasons
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    He reached out to tenpenny but the kid was working so tenpenny called him back. Tenpenny and Jonathan Williams would be a heck of a duo together
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    I taught Altee pre algebra in the 8th grade. I guess I lied to him when I said he'd use this in his real life...
  8. That's great. Lol.
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    WPS, need to use running backs better whomever we have. I think our new coach definitely will.
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    I will believe it when I see it.
    We have lost our best players to Auburn and Alabama for years now.
    See no need to hold my breath and why that will change.
    Let me be clear, I think he should be loyal to his home state
    and play at Arkansas, but the young man needs to decide
    what is best for him and his family, with that said I will keep
    my fingers crossed and hope he plays as a Razorback
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    Would love to see it come true! Hope they are talking, would be a "dynamic duo" in the backfield next year!!
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    Saban was in town seeing Tenpenny and Henry, hope he leaves town unhappy.
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    i think if saban wins the Nat'l Champ, he'll be at the cleveland browns next yr or possibly univ of texas, they cant fire mack brown till jan or they'll owe him 2.5 million after that its considerablly less
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    dont know about tenpenny, but Henry was a born Hog. his dad and granddad were hogs (football and basketball respectively).
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    Why would Saban want to leave the best NCAA football gig in the country to go to UT?
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    idk... more cash? challenge? recruiting? i just heard em talking about it on espn yesterday
    i know his wife's not happy there according to the radio interview they played. she' says basically winning the NC is not good enough there, they baisaclly congradulate you and in the very same breath they are asking about the next season. theres no tme to "soak it in and cheerish the win"

    they also stated that mike lambardi is supposed to take over the GM position at cleveland, and saban has stated in the past that "if" he wen back to the nfl he'd only coach for 1 guy, and that guys mike
  17. He wont leave Alabama for Texas in a million years unless its to Dallas to coach the Boys. His wife said in the interview all those things but she also said, "This job is it" We arent going anywhere. But she dont make the decisions is something the comentator said. I see him in the NFL after Alabama wins the National Championship again this year. He will probably go even if they dont win. What else does he have to prove as a college coach?
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    That he can keep making bookooos of millions without getting fired...oh wait that is a gaurantee. I don't see him going anywhere, but I hope he does and gets out of the SEC.
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    i hope saban goes to cleveland, texas unknowingly fires mack brown the day before, and they have to hire major applewhit as their head coach
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    More cash??? Saban is the making tons at bama and they'd throw more at him if he threatened to leave. They still remember the schula years.
    Challenge??? Leave the SEC and go to a Big12 job for a challenge? I must have misunderstood you.
    Recruits??? Is he not getting good enough recruits at bama? Am I missing something? Back-to-back NC appearances (and probably wins).

    I think you were spot-on with the first three letters in your post.