Tell the truth now!!!

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by retnuhreed, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    How much money did you lose on the Superbowl? :biggrin:
  2. John Stiles

    John Stiles Ultimate Member 2007 Team Turkey Contest Winner

    zerodidn't win any neether:razz: :thumb:

  3. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

  4. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    Another zero & zero
  5. I just don't gamble or make bets...........
  6. BUCKSHOT_106

    BUCKSHOT_106 Well-Known Member

    zip, zero, nadda, $$$$$$
  7. MichaelT.

    MichaelT. Guest

    nuttin and nada.....:thumb:
  8. 10pointman

    10pointman Moderator Staff Member

    $1000.00,no not really.didnt bet.I did win 200 at the casino 2 wks ago.
  9. damlockman

    damlockman Well-Known Member


    Honest answer!
  10. $0.00......too pore to bet on anything.
  11. zane

    zane Well-Known Member

    My BIL picked up a cool 100 from a fella he works with.
  12. yjjeeper

    yjjeeper Well-Known Member

    Can we turn this into a betting ethics thread?
  13. :fit: :fit:
  14. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

    Zero for me, but would have lost if I would have bet.
  15. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    zero quit making any bets a long time ago. :biggrin:
  16. jimmyh

    jimmyh Well-Known Member

    The board was full before I had a chance to get in on it. 0 and 0.
  17. JR

    JR Moderator<br>Campfire<br>General Hunting Topics<br

    I didn't loose any, cause I didn't have any to bet.
  18. rjet

    rjet Well-Known Member

    I won a few hundred
  19. flintknapper

    flintknapper Moderator/smokepole pimp

    I hear you brother, same here! :frown:

    I hate you (just kidding!) :biggrin:
  20. johnf

    johnf Well-Known Member

    +1 I feel your pain.:alright: