Teen shoots burglary suspect

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    An attempted burglary early monday by 3 teenage suspects was cut short when a 14 year old resident who was home alone fired at them with a shotgun, striking 1 suspect in the face. The injured suspect staggered to the yard outside and fell down and his 2 buddies dragged him down the street and around the corner where they left him behind a car at another residence. The other 2 guys took off running. The police showed up and found the injured guy and later in the day found the other 2 guys. It did not kill him. He was sent to St. Joe and transferred to Little Rock. He's in critical condition. The cops said they didn't anticipate any charges being filed against the 14 year old. The guys who broke, 2 were 17 and one was 18.

    This happened in Hot Springs. This is exactly why I keep a couple of guns throughout the house. You never know when some lowlife is gonna come in and try something stupid. Glad this young kid knew what to do in a situation like this. IMO, whoever taught him about guns, taught him well.
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    Too bad he didnt get all three of em!

  3. Whitebread

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    I agree with that completely.
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    I keep my firearm with me at the house, my friends think I'm nuts. It may not happen but if it does then I will be prepared.
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    Got the trusty mossberg by my recliner at all times.
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    HOT SPRINGS (AP) — A 14-year-old boy likely won’t be charged for firing a shotgun blast into the face of a 17-year-old boy who with two others was allegedly trying to break into the younger boy’s home, Hot Springs police said Tuesday.

    The wounded teenager was in critical condition and breathing with the aid of a machine Tuesday at a Little Rock hospital, Hot Springs police Cpl. McCrary Means said.

    The attempted break-in occurred at 7:30 a.m. Monday and was witnessed by neighbors who were heading out for work and called police after the shot was fired, Means said.

    After the teenager was wounded, two alleged accomplices — Lamar A. McKenzie, 18, of Hot Springs and a 17-year-old — dragged the wounded boy around the corner, where police quickly found them.

    Means said McKenzie is charged with attempted burglary and that the non-wounded suspect is in the juvenile system. McKenzie was still in the Garland County Jail on Tuesday, held on $3,500 bond. A jailer said there was no indication whether McKenzie had an attorney, though he had a court appearance set for 1 p.m. Wednesday.

    Means said detectives were familiar with the young suspects from past incidents and that one of them had a prior arrest for burglary.

    Authorities did not release the names of the minors.

    Means said the 14-year-old was home alone at the time of the incident. Public schools in Hot Springs didn’t reopen from the holiday break until Tuesday.

    Though police have not pursued a charge against the boy, Means said a prosecutor would review the case file and ultimately decide whether a charge was warranted.

    Several homes in the neighborhood had been burglarized recently, including the home where the 14-year-old lives, Means said. He said nothing stood out from the earlier burglaries, with the thieves taking televisions, game consoles or other items that they could easily carry and then sell on the street or to a pawn shop.
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    I just wonder if he was in the house or not. (attempted break-in)

    You here so much about what you can and cant do just wondering. I dont know who in the world that 14 yr old is but Im proud of him. Good for him. No telling what would have happend if he hadnt of done it. Yesterday or down the road. He might have saved someones life 5 years from now if you think about it.
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    NE Ark
  9. Whitebread

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    Amen Holmes. Agree with you 100%
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    It sure was better for him to be at home yesterday than in school!!!:head:
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    why would he be charged? i think he should get the "key" to the city or at least a pat on the back! my hats off to the young man
  12. Deerguru

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    In this messed up world the thugs will probably sue. I heard of burglars sueing people after getting injured breaking in peoples homes.

  13. mossyhorn

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    i bet the parents of the wounded will press charges and attempt to sue also. It's a messed up world we live in. Wish it could of been the father instead of the son, he'll have to live with this for the rest of his life.
  14. Acd

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    Sounds to me like one of them boys learned a lesson!! The 14 year old must of only had a single shot! Good job
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    I'm pretty sure it has already been said that the shooting was Monday and the schools didn't re-open from holiday break until Tuesday...Maybe read the whole thread :head:
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    I think most crooks that sue win on excessive force. Anybody know?