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On the board! (finally)

I spent opening weekend in the Ozarks and called in 5 longbeards and 3 jakes and never fired a shot! They were really gobbling and it was a fun hunt even though I came up dry. Bow4me and I worked 3 gobblers and 2 jakes into range (twice) on Saturday and we still screwed it up.

Finally on Tax day (April 15th) I managed to break the ice. It wasn't much of a story but it had a good ending.

I hit Winona after work and hiked about 200 yards from my truck and hit the box call. Before I could set the call down, I heard him walking toward me. He topped the hill within 30 yards and paid the ultimate tax. I was gone from the truck less than 10 minutes.

I guess that is a little payback for the weekend. I need a little good luck once in a while.

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