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This afternoon was an absolute awesome in the field going after the turkeys here at home. With the last full weekend of season closing in I decided to work a little different shcedule at work and make it where I could get off work earlier and get into the woods a little more. I made it out around 4:00 pm and got my set up put together and waited for some action. Around 5:45 or so I did some calling and was interupted by two good gobblers. They made their way across a very large field lined with terraces and right into my set up. The two big boys put on a show for a short while and got within 25 steps before my Franchi sealed the deal. Just after I killed him a storm blew in and it was perfect timing as I scooped em up and headed for the truck. Right place right time and today was a great time. Been the best turkey season I have had in quite some time.

20 LBS
10 3/4 in. beard
1" spurs

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