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  1. I mostly don't drink anything but water a little OJ, a little coffee and tea. I stopped drinking any kind of "coke" several years ago and they taste way too sweet if I try to take a sip of one. All diet stuff tastes bad to me. I admit that I might drink an "old time" Dr. Pepper if one happened to fall into my hands. Also an "old time" Tru Ade orange, Barq's creme soda, Coke in the small glass bottle with ice crystals forming after the lid is popped and a few other extinct soft drinks. Since I consume a lot of water and often get very tired of it it's a good thing I love iced tea. Not very sweet at all. I cringe when someone makes tea that has way too much sugar in it. More like syrup.

    I use distilled water in making tea. I found by accident that using distilled water has an advantage I was totally unaware of. Tea made with it stays clear for days. Tap water tea will turn dark and cloudy after a short time but distilled water tea will keep it's clear, just made look and taste for much much longer. Just a tea tip ya'll!
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    DIistilled water is the key to great tasting tea.

    I give up soft drinks, 17 years ago for New Years and never started back. Bottle water is too easy. I like a cup of coffee when it's cold, unsweet tea till noon, and lot's and lots of water.

  3. I used to distill all our Water and a friend had one he patentented and made. It was small but put out a lot of water. He died and the distiller went kaput so I just buy it by the gallon.
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    We make our tea with sweet and lo. I can drink a lot more of it without any of the sugar intake. I still like a glass of sugared sweet tea every once in a while, but not real often, it just leaves me even more thirsty.
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    I drink a gallon of tea about every 2 days. Boil it on the stove and pour over ice. We stopped using sweetener about 15 years ago, and switched to decaf about 7- 8 years ago. Also dink quite a bit of different types of tea and coffee. Some of that stuff is really good and good for you. Love tea
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    I drink coffee, beer, tea, and water. I'll drink the occasional (maybe 1 a month) Coke with pizza or Mexican food.

    Since I drink so much tea - I am trying to switch to unsweetened and decaf. The no sweet part is really really tough. I heard once you acquire the taste for unsweet you can get enough of it. We'll see, as I am not there yet.
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    Tea here, unsweetened. A gal a day. A few beer but no cokes.Our rural water is as good as it gets so no need for anything else.
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    We haven't had Cokes in our house since someone brought one for Christmas. I finally threw it out after it went flat. We drink a half gallon of sweet decaffeinated tea a day.

    If we go to a restaurant the wife and I always get water with lemon. I'm to cheap to pay $2 for a glass of tea. The kids usually get root beer or Sprite.
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    Went to Long John's last week and saw they wanted $2.50 for a large drink......I can't do it ! Isn't that what a whole chicken for Sunday supper is supposed to cost??? I might get kicked around on here for being so cheap but I guess I will have to take it...
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    It's getting ridiculous. I'm trying to drink water more at restaurants, but man I just like to drink something that has some taste with my food. I love water any other time of the day, but with meals I just don't care for it as much.
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    It's like quitting smoking or dipping. At first you want one really bad but eventually you reach a point were it just tastes and smells disgusting.

    That said, there are days when I want a Dr pepper, and days when I could smoke a cigarette as big as my arm. Sometimes I even give in to the temptation and remember why I gave it all up in the first place. Still have to have a Dr pepper with taco bell but can't even drink half of a small.
  12. I've tried to drink sweet tea at other people's homes but when they sweeten it its like honey with sugar added. My hair stands up when I take a sip. I use very little sugar in a gallon and am cutting back on that. I gotta have my lemon though.

    All I drank for a couple of years was water but finally went Back to tea just to have something different. I drink a little OJ but not much with over active acid, acid reflux.

    I drink soda water 2-3 times a day to keep the stuff from coming up in my throat while I sleep. Praise God for something besides water.
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    I know everybody makes there own, but sometimes i buy great value no calorie sweetened tea and milos no calorie sweetened tea and they taste great.
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    I'm not much on store bought tea, but Milo's is pretty good.
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    Yea...me either, thats why i was throwin it out there.
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    I like all forms of tea...especially when a pound of sugar is added to each glass!!
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    I drink hot tea every night. There are several I enjoy, but my #1 is called Sweet & Spicy. Good stuff!
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    When I was growing up, tea was always sweetened while still hot in order to supersaturate it and get it sweet enough. I thought that was they only way to make proper tea. I finally switched to artificial sweetener until I read all the bad things it can cause. Today, I just drink it unsweet. I'm used to it now, and it's okay, but I still sometimes miss real, sweet tea.