Taxidermy recomendations?

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by Averyhntr, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Averyhntr

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    O.K. folks since my guy I once used has now no longer in business I need a recomedation on a good waterfowl taxidermist. I am in the Russellville area and really dont want to have to ship or travel too far to deliver the bird. SO whats yall take?
  2. kwacksmacker89

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    Team Ashley Taxidermy
    He's in Benton, but it will be worth the drive. His number is 501-326-7674

  3. Joe blow

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  4. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    I've only used one Taxi but have been pleased with the work done and that would be The Best of Birds in Conway.

    A sample of their work....

    I've got a couple of birds here I could gets pics of for ya as well. You might check with the sponsors/advertisers here.
  5. MathewsHunter4350

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    Since your in the river valley, try David Wewer in charleston. He does awesome work! He's done several for me and they look great. He did two woodies for me that is awesome. If you wanna see a picture pm me and I'll text it to ya
  6. rabbitdundied

    rabbitdundied Well-Known Member

    X TREME Taxidermy in Rose Bud. Daniel does awesome work and has his own reality show on animal planet.
  7. madduck87

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    Deer Stuffer in Beebe, can hook you up with a good duck mount, Bucks in Ducks in Conway would be close for ya, go to the taxidermy forum and post this questions, lots of sponsors on there with pics of their work
  8. YellanMan

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    That's who I have used for the last 10 years. Jeff is a great guy and the prices are really fair. They have done over 20 mounts for me and I have been pleased with every one. Actually located closer to Valonia.
  9. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    Whats the going rate on a bird?
  10. cutdownjwest

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    I am surprised no one has mentioned Wildlife Images. Awsome job on ducks. Plus he his national champion taxi.
  11. YellanMan

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    Prices can be all over the place. If it is a big shop with a great reputation they may charge as much as $275 per bird. A smaller shop might be $150 - $175.
  12. DuckLn

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    Does chuck bishop in dover not no em? Hes done well on our deer.
  13. ccumming

    ccumming Well-Known Member

    Around $150
  14. nick_0652

    nick_0652 Well-Known Member

    chipmunk in north little rock
  15. jde512

    jde512 Well-Known Member

    Chipmunks in NLR does my birds. Just picked up this pintail last week.

  16. Delbert

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    Wildlife Images Taxidermy
    We are a full service taxidermy business and home of the 2009 National Waterfowl Taxidermy Champion (Randy Terry).
    Phone: 479-996-3050

    Or Chipmonk. either will do you a great job.
    Chipmunk's Taxidermy

    Levoyed Heagwood

    4266 Baucum Pike

    North Little Rock, Arkansas 72117

    Shop Phone: (501) 945-8147

    [email protected]

    Office Hours:

    Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:30pm

    Saturday: 8:00am-12:00pm
  17. 270sm

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    Think this is one i used years back. cant actually remember the name but was in benton off hwy 5. If same guy he did great work and i had mine back in right at 2 months.
  18. willtim

    willtim Well-Known Member

    Burrow's in Brinkley.
  19. Murphy83

    Murphy83 Well-Known Member

    I suggest Chipmunks as well, he has done all my ducks. I'm waiting on a Canvasback right now.