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Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by JR, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. JR

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    I've got a couple of heads that I'm going to DIY european mounts on in the backyard and they are starting to stink really bad. I don't want my neighbor to think that I have murdered somebody and buried them in the backyard. Would it be ok to put some powdered lime on them to try and cover up the stench or would it damage the skulls/antlers?
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    Your best bet was to boil the meat off when they're fresh. Your gonna have your work cut out for ya trying to get em clean now. As far as lime i wouldn't. Ya may wanna bury them up to they're antlers an put a bucket over em. Did that once worked pretty good.

  3. brushcreek

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    Yes bury them and you should be fine. Dig them upnin April or may.
  4. JR

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    Thanks guys! I went ahead and dug a hole and put them in it. They were both roadkills, nothing to really brag about, but they were both bucks. One of them I found several weeks ago after he had been hit. I had just left it under a #3 wash tub it was pretty nasty, full of maggots and who knows what else. The other one I found last week it was mostly skeletal remains, and mummified it reeked pretty bad too so I went ahead and stuck it in the ground also.
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    I help my friend do euro-mounts and it is so much easier to do them while they are fresh. I understand you didn't have that option. On my yearly trip to Indiana, my buddy showed me two nice bucks that were locked together that he found plowing a field this past spring. He just put the heads in the barn after he found them. Well, I brought them back home with me and thought they would be easy to do because they had dried out and mummified. Oh was I wrong. I took them to a high pressure and high heat sprayer to get the dry skin off of them. Then boiled them again. I worked on those heads for a long time to get all the meat off them. Then I put them in peroxide and boiled them. The bones and inner nose cavity seemed to be a lot more brittle on those that had been out in the elements for a while than the fresh ones that I have done. Be careful leaving them outside for a while because they will become more brittle.